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When is Pregnancy Twins Detected

Rabu, 04 April 2012

Multiple pregnancies are common today among celebrities in Hollywood. Whether it occurs naturally or through artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization (IVF). To be sure, pregnant women who are carrying twins hoped would be eager to know the certainty of whether the program succeeds or not.

To know the certainty of the course you have to perform an ultrasound examination. At 12 weeks gestation, usually you can find out via ultrasound. But sometimes you can also get the assurance at a younger gestational age, especially if you are undergoing IVF or had miscarried.

"In cyberspace, no woman could possibly know that she was pregnant with multiple fetuses. So, to be known through scanning, and you can find out from the age of six weeks of pregnancy," said Patrick O'Brien, spokesman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists , and obstetric consultant at University College Hospital, London.

Ultrasound examination since the early gestational age needs to be done if pregnant women experience some bleeding or pain, or if you are undergoing fertility treatment or had a miscarriage.

Of the examination, the doctor can see the development of the placenta and membranes, fetal membranes to see if you are identical or not. Not identical twins will develop its own placenta, while the identical twins can share, or have their own placenta, depending on when the fertilized egg that splits.

Many women who produced twins, but one can not develop in the fetus early in pregnancy, so that die in the womb. Well, the "disappearance" is also one of the fetus can be detected via ultrasound. Fetus is likely to disappear by the mother or fetus absorbed the other twin.

"So, maybe you've seen on ultrasound twins first, but later the fetus was not there. That's more known now because women have undergone scanning since the beginning," said O'Brien.

The fetus is missing is likely to occur in the first eight or 10 weeks. So far the loss of one twin fetus will not harm the fetus is still there. Up until now, has never been done long term studies on the subject.

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