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J. Crew "Chic" style, Michelle Obama's Favorite

Minggu, 19 Februari 2012

Not only fashion style of the flare Kate Middleton discussed even is referenced in the fashion of many women around the world. First lady Michelle Obama also has a fashion sense that is not less popular.

Michelle Obama managed to establish himself with the imaging appearance of a simple but still shows its charm as a persona. Through one of her favorite fashion labels, J. Crew, she shows how women can be regarded also appear attractive with no excessive force, especially regarding the budget.

J. Crew fashion label even surprised when Michelle mentioned the brand name during an interview on the television show "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" a few days before her husband, Barack Obama was elected president of the United States. Michelle is also known for advanced solid match outfit includes selecting minimal clothing budget but still look stylish. While attending the television talk show, she wore a pencil skirt for $ 148 dollars; a yellow tank top and brown blend for 148 dollars and 118 dollars a yellow cardigan. Overall, the appearance of a would-be first lady (at the time) worth 414 dollars or about Rp 3.7 million. J. Crew fashions neither chosen nor exclusive collection for women can be found all through online shopping. Since then, the label more closely with the figure of Michelle J. Crew. J. Crew came to be known as Michelle Obama's favorite fashion label.

Chic style

J. Crew label not only get an appreciation of Michelle Obama, but also at the fashion event in 2012 New York Fashion Week for Fall / Winter which took place 9-16 February 2012 ago. J. Crew-style chic appearance is displayed through a collection of Fall / Winter 2012 which was exhibited at the renowned New York fashion stage Fashion Week 2012.

For this latest collection, J. Crew uses quality materials from fur (fur materials), leather and animal print. Label the middle class is also choosing clothing patterns and bold motifs, textiles are easy to mix and match. It may be, Michelle Obama is fond of this label allows users due to solid match fashion but still highlight the character.

However, there are differences in the collection Fall / Winter 2012 J. Crew this time. Fashion label who runs fashion retail stores and factory outlets nationwide, featuring a different version of the dress. J. Crew to raise the level of fashion, both in terms of style is also the price, compared to its usual fashion products.

J. Crew's growing fashion design, even adopting the style of European fashion. Coat models, including the use of fur materials have appeared in recent collections of J. Crew in New York Fashion Week. Stripes are also prominent, including the selection of bright bold colors. Through this latest collection, inspired J. Crew solid match clothing, including blends the line pattern with a feather skirt,

A feminine, modern, bold, dynamic dominate the collection Fall / Winter 2012 from J. Crew is. One of them, a leather jacket paired with knee-length gray skirt (any color trends in 2012). This collection shows how Michelle Obama's favorite label is to follow the fashion trends but still make room for the individual to find his own style according to personality. Because the entire women's collection makes it easy to carry solid match fashion.

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