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New Outlets in the Excelso, Kuningan City

Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

After successfully opening three stores in Pettarani Makassar, Summarecon Mal Serpong, and Solo, Paragon months ago, Excelso re-open a new store in the Kuningan City. The mall was chosen to facilitate office workers who want to relax after work. Kuningan City Outlets is also the first outlet mall located in a busy office area. This year, Excelso also plans to open 100 new outlets throughout Indonesia.

Kuningan City stores which opened in February 19, 2012, presenting a warm decor and comfortable, with capacity of about 64 people. To celebrate the opening of these outlets, Excelso offers 20 percent discount for every purchase of food and drinks until March 31, 2012.

Creation of tuna
To accompany the time to relax, Excelso offers a diverse menu of snacks and meals weight. "For his latest creation, presenting Excelso processed tuna in spaghetti and nachos," said Praise Sulistyowati, Public and Media Relations Excelso, at the opening Excelso in the Brass City, Jakarta, Wednesday (22/02/2012) then.

Spicy Tuna Pasta menu (can be selected in a kind of spaghetti or fusili pasta) gives a topping of fresh tuna meat with a slightly spicy blend of pepper and red pepper slices. For those who like spicy, this pasta may tasteless spicy. But you can add chili sauce to add strength to it.

As a snack, Tuna Nachos coffee can be enjoyed as a friend. Mexico corn chips taste sensation combined with a topping of tuna and sweet corn, and the splash of melted cheese, also was quite filling. As for the new coffee creations, presenting Excelso Excelso Kalosi Toraja, and the Floating Island-Avocado Coffee, this combines the pleasure sensation of cold coffee with a delicious juice of fresh avocado.

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