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Is it safe to Having Sex in the Water?

Jumat, 17 Februari 2012

Looks like fun ya have sex in water. There is a distinct sensation that can not be obtained when making love in places where "regular". "As long as done properly, sex can be a variation in the water," added Dr Ferryal Loetan, ASC & T, SpRM, Kes (MMR).

Be fair, he added, when too many "acrobatic moves" that are used during sex. Having sex in the bathtub like in the movies, if not careful, may produce minor accidents such as slips and head kejedut. Moreover, if the bathtub is used too small, one-one instead of a romantic scene is obtained, but instead of irritation that arise because of the little accidents.

Medically sexual intercourse carried out in the water is actually safe. "Moreover, it can protect the natural vaginal bacteria that exist in the water so as not to get carried away," said the doctor and the medical rehabilitation sexology consultant who practiced at Friendship Hospital, Rawamangun, East Jakarta.

Instead water will indirectly beneficial to cleanse the body, including the sex organs. Unfortunately, there has been an incorrect perception about the devastating impact of sexual activity in the water. The definition is the possibility of embolism, a blockage in blood vessels alias. "That's not true," said Ferryal, "will Emboli may occur if sexual intercourse is when a woman is menstruating because of the time the cervix is open."

Slim chance of pregnancy
As a variation, make love in the clear water can excite to further relationships. Even so, Ferryal warned, "These variations should not do couples who long gestation."

Because, while in the water, would naturally protect the vagina so that no incoming germs. The condition can cause sperm was "rejected". If you have this, the chances of conception are very small.

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