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Nightclub-style Fashion Festival

Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Fashion has always had a place anywhere and in the hearts of everyone. Everyone wants to fit their character style, with fashion trends as a guide, and then modify it to suit personal taste. Fashion is so closely related to urban lifestyle, the literacy information and look for a different sensation to enjoy fashion.

Fashion fans in Jakarta treat a variety of activities provided in contact with the world of fashion. Not only fashion week has which facilitated local designers to introduce a variety of creations and collections through a fashion show. Now, there is a unique option to present fashion closer to the end user.

For the first time, X2, famous nightclubs in Jakarta held a four-day fashion festival, brings 16 talented young designers. The event, titled X2 Runway Festival 2012 takes place 25-28 January 2012 held alternately in X2, Equinox, Diagonale located in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta.

For four days, after midnight, starting at precisely 00:30, X2 Runway Festival 2012 presents four that introduces the latest collection of designer or design of its flagship, with different themes.

"Actually, fashion shows have become a monthly activity, but this was the first festival was held in the concept for four days and involves a lot of designers. Another night club also held a fashion show, but for the concept of the festival you want to become his trendsetter. Festival is also a way educate visitors about fashion trends, and expected to be an inspiration style of dress appropriate to visit a nightclub, "said Eko Susanto, Events and Promotions X2 told Reuters on the sidelines Female, Friday (27/01/2012) morning.

According to Eko, fashion events held at the nightclub provides its own challenges. Starting from the impression of a nightclub that is identical to something that is sexy, a designer who has a lot of consideration to participate, to find professional models who dare to appear in fashion show at midnight tonight.

"This activity can be a means of promotion for designers to buyers directly. Because fashion show is held several times a month that usually only bring in a designer, visitors interested in the fashion that was exhibited," he said.

Eko explained, fashion events at the club night to educate visitors about the way X2 dress codes in nightclubs. This premium night club is known for strict selection of visitors. There is a kind of "dress code". This club applied for visitors who want to find entertainment.

What kind of rules in a dress at nightclubs? Fashion show is the source of their inspiration. But Eko explains some of them, "Visitors who look too casual we rejected, including the wearing of sandals. Visitors should also be fashionable club,"

This nightclub needs to inspire young designers responded to dress in between Erdan, Roy Mulyanto, Andi Saleh Yoyok Prasetyo, Yudhishthira, Paula Meliana for Eva Bun, Dindin, Elva Marliah, Salim Rashid, Afril Grhalavanja, Ichwan Thoha, Ririn Rinura, Rosaline Lie, Mimi Ghozali, Hengki Kawilarang, Ivan Gunawan & Ovie Wu.

Each designer is challenged to present a collection defined according to the theme of the organizers. Eko said, there are four themes namely Raising Star, Avant Garde, Unique & Colourful, Fashionista. Each designer then translates these themes in a fashion collection that 90 percent intended to womanhood.

On the second day, night clubs are filled with 500 guests who witnessed the fashion style of famous stars. On the second day, unique and imaginative clothing enliven the festival. One of them, Paula Meliana to translate the concept of avant garde fashion by presenting black and silver models of the canal are also two pieces with a sexy silhouette.

The theme of construction, Paula uses unusual materials such as nails, wire as an application on the clothing and are designed using special materials and techniques so that users remain comfortable and safe to wear.

"This dress is more suitable to stage clothing or clothing that is thematic for a specific event," she told Reuters before the show Female.

Designer, Ivan Gunawan, also took part in this event by displaying a collection of ever show at Jakarta Fashion Week last November 2011. "I did not create a new collection for this event. But my clothes fit for the needs of fashion show at the nightclub, memorable sexy body shape, but still comfortable and practical use," he told when met on the sidelines of the Grand Wedding Expo in Jakarta .

For Ivan, participated in fashion events at nightclubs are right on target. Because designers can directly introduce a fashion collection is tailored to the needs of visitors to night clubs.

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