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Red Dress Invites Sex Desires

Rabu, 04 April 2012

Shown with red-colored clothes or shades not only attract attention because of its striking. Women red dress also has a different image than the others. In the eyes of men, red dress identical to the sex drive.

Red is always associated with love and passion. But do not stop there. In the view of men, red has two meanings. First, women who wear red more sexy and have a higher sex appeal. Second, he assumes women's red dress was also eager to get laid.

You can just deny it. Because you could be wearing a red dress for example because you like this bold color, or like fashion models. However, a study shows men are often linked to the sex of this red dress.

Researchers from the University of Rochester showed that men judge women dressed in red have a sexual attraction and sexual desire higher. The research is published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

This fact is obtained from research involving 25 men. The men were given pictures of the same woman, wearing two different clothing, T-Shirt white and red. After seeing the photo, the researchers asked the respondents men, "where a sexy female models and are passionate about?”

In response to questions provocative this, the men gave a high value on a woman dressed in red than the white shirt. Only with the red dress, women are considered more sexy and eager though he was the same female figure wearing white.

According to this research, when women dressed in red and she was showing herself that she has a burning desire. In fact, in the women's side, dressed in red to be one way of increasing confidence. Not to attract the opposite sex, let alone invite a man's sexual desire.

Whatever the outcome of research related to the red dress, then you should not limit yourself to wear it. You also do not need to be more careful. Be reasonable, but also understand if later he showed signs of sexual attraction because you see a red dress. Even when you're just wearing a red shirt though.

All you need to do to respond to signs of sexual interest in men is expressly stated, are not you wearing a red dress with her desire to vent. Yet another case with the husband. You can actually use a red dress to make a couple more eager to make love.

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