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Jenna is A Man

Kamis, 05 April 2012

Beauty contest for transvestites or transgender may have been ever held, but apparently not the Miss Universe contest provides an opportunity for transgender persons to participate. Jenna Talackova (23), one of the finalists of Miss Vancouver, denied intending to enter the competition as Miss Universe Canada. Because, Jenna was born a male, even though he was undergoing hormone therapy since age 14 and sex-change operation at age 19.

Jenna, although the application forms stating that he is a woman, is considered not eligible to compete. "However, we appreciate the purpose and his determination (to enter the competition), and wish the best for him," declared Miss Universe Foundation.

Miss Universe also did not care though Jenna had previously reached the final in the competition Miss Vancouver. After registering for the Miss Universe of 2012 is, in fact he has been elected as one of 65 finalists. But the participation is canceled by the foundation, although according to The Province there is no regulation on sex change.

No wonder Jenna felt disappointed. "I am very disappointed with the decision taken by the manager of Miss Universe," he said in a statement on Monday (3/26/2012) ago. "However, I will turn this situation into something positive, so that later other people with similar situations are not discriminated against."

On the other hand, the chairman of the pageant was confirmed that there are regulations related to the sex of the contestants at birth. Jenna mentioned in the registration form that he was born female, but later admitted that he was born as a man, according to Denis Davila, national director of Miss Universe Canada.

"He feels like a real woman, and he was a true woman. He did not think people would question it," said Davila. "He hopes we will put it back into the competition, but the rules are very clear. We have no way to enter it again."

Although many people agree on the decision of Miss Universe, not a few who give the support to get back Jenna join the competition. A petition from managed to collect 20 171 signatures to change the decision to disqualify Jenna from beauty pageant owned by businessman Donald Trump is.

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