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Good Quality of Sperm

Minggu, 22 April 2012

Preparation for pregnancy is not only the duty of women. Men, as husbands, must take responsibility in maintaining the quality of his sperm to produce a fetus that has a good condition.

"Sperm (good) should contain zinc, vitamin B12, B6, A, C, and D, calcium, selenium, nickel, DHA, and leucine. All that can be obtained from a healthy and balanced diet," said Dr. Noroyono Wibowo, SpOG (K), Chairman of the Indonesian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology (POGI), in a talk show hosted by SGM on Complex Mother Presinutri Sarinah Thamrin, Jakarta, Thursday (04/19/2012).

To have a healthy diet and balanced, then the husband suggested eating a varied diet every day. Complete meal, but that's it, it will not help her husband improve his sperm quality.

"The content of nutrients or nutrient found in meat, not necessarily all in the egg, fish, or tempe. So, eating a varied diet every day will help your body absorb all the nutrients it needs. This would help improve the quality of sperm. So, do not No single food or a principal who can improve sperm quality. All should be eaten, but it turns every day, "said the doctor who was familiarly called this dr Bowo.

Bowo added, in addition to a healthy diet, balanced, and varied, the husband should also exercise regularly. Exercise can keep her husband's body to keep it dynamic, so that during penetration can be more robust and durable. This will be useful to the satisfaction of the wife, as well as encourage the entry of sperm into the uterus properly.

They also advised not to smoke, because smoking shown to decrease 42 percent of sperm quality. For expectant mothers, smoking will also reduce the quality of the fetus, although it does not result directly. So, if you want a healthy baby, a husband and wife should avoid smoking at least three months before planning a pregnancy.

Bowo last suggestion to maintain the quality of sperm is a regular sleep pattern. Men who like staying up would not have good quality sperm can fertilize an egg for his wife. Therefore, if the couple is planning a pregnancy, the husband (and wife) should have enough sleep time and quality.

In addition to maintaining the quality of sperm, there is a good husband and a wife to check levels of nutrients in their bodies before planning a pregnancy. Thorough examination usually spends at least $ 2 million. "After the examination, if the husband or wife is known to have nutritional deficiencies, nutritional therapy should undergo in order to pre-pregnancy nutritional needs are met. It is important for the fetus that will grow in the future," said a doctor who practiced in Bunda hospitals, Menteng.

Examination of nutrients will help to indicate whether the mother deficiency or excess nutrients. This examination will also be beneficial to plan what nutrients will be consumed during pregnancy in the future. Starting from the menu to the number of dairy foods should be taken, can be determined after this examination.

For Bowo, prepare for pregnancy as well as preparing to build a house. Starting from the condition of the soil, building materials, to design interior and exterior must be considered before the house was built. "Especially for a baby, all you prepare is a fetus, baby, human potential, which is more valuable than your home. Do not let the pregnancy is underestimated," he concluded.

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