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Yoga for Having Sex

Jumat, 06 Januari 2012

A study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2009 revealed that women who initially did not feel happy with their sex lives, turns slowly undergone significant changes in her sex life. These changes include increased arousal, desire for sex, as well as better orgasms. Improvements in sex life is it is because these women are practicing yoga. Psychologist, physical therapist, and author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness, Dr. Elizabeth R. Lombardo, believes that yoga is very good for improving your sex life. The reason is as follows:

  1. Train the focus of attention. Much of the focus of yoga is to calm the mind and brain. Every day, you usually think about what things to do. Not infrequently it makes you tired and stressed. Thoughts like these that can easily affect your mind while in the room, thus reducing the desire for sex. "Maybe then you are physically in the room, but somehow your mind drift to figure out what, so it does not focus with your partner. This may reduce sexual pleasure," said Lombardo. Yoga can help you to organize and manage your thoughts and your stress better. Yoga can also calm the mind so that you can think clearly and focus on what is being done, such as sex.
  2. Better than Kegel. Kegel exercises that gave priority to simple contraction of the pelvic floor muscles is good to increase sexual arousal, as these exercises can strengthen the muscles that work when having sex. However, yoga is considered better than Kegel exercises. Because, yoga not only strengthen the pelvic muscles, but also help reach the muscle contractions during sex, so sex session for the better and longer.
  3. Reduce stress. "Yoga is one way to 'kill' the stress," said Lombardo. When you're stressed, you tend to lose passion for sex and felt I had no time for sex. Stress is literally able to reduce your libido, and can make you depressed. With yoga, you can relax the mind and reduces stress in the brain attack. This means that with a stress-free mind then your sex drive will increase. You would think to look at sex as something fun when you do not superstres.
  4. .ncrease strength and flexibility. Yoga is very good for muscle tone, flexibility, and endurance during sex. Developments resulting from endurance and muscle strength gained from yoga can help during sex, especially for those who like sex are attractive.
  5. Self-confidence. Yoga can increase your confidence, because when you are in excellent body condition and the ideal body shape, then you will feel more confident. This confidence also helps you feel more comfortable in the bedroom with your partner. "There are biochemical changes that occur in the brain when we practice yoga. This could help increase our confidence even though our body shape has not changed," said Lombardo.

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