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5 Ways to More Passionate Couples

Rabu, 04 April 2012

Married couples who have undergone long marriages often lose their appetite for sex. Sex no longer a priority because more couples put the interests of the family than married couples’s intimacy in relationships.

Sex therapist and counselor, Mary Jo Rapini, revealed, many women claim to rarely hug or touch her husband because of him always lead to sex. While women feel too tired for sex.

"If you want to build a healthy family, you have to start from having a healthy marriage. If you want to have a healthy marriage, you need to build healthy communication. Married couples can build healthy communication, if it is able to talk about sex with your partner. If you are going married couples talk about sex, then you must understand what sexual needs as an individual, "she explained.

In order for sex married couples still excited, Rapini gave five suggestions:

1. Your mind is the biggest sex organ. You have to enjoy sex and regard it as something fun. If you are angry or anxious in pairs, to control your mind first and are immediately overcome anger. Anger will not bring good sex on a partner let alone to make you feel sexy.

2. Self-esteem. Appreciate your higher self. You do not have to have the ideal posture for enjoying great sex with your husband. If you have a body contains, accept yourself as a person who has the most beautiful aspects of a woman. Most people also have cellulite, acne, and wrinkles, so do not let these things ruin your beautiful smile and self-acceptance. Learn from the man who had a high respect for him, whatever he has included a variety of physical shortcomings.

3. Feel free to fantasize. The more often you have sex, the greater your desire for sex. So, take some time to think about sex. Many options do, like reading romance novels, listening to music, watching movies. Afterwards, involve your partner to share the fantasy.

4. Understand your body. Touch your body; identify which parts are most sensitive. Which are parts of the body that makes you happy when touched? Your knowledge about the body itself becomes important, because it can help couples to provide sexual satisfaction to you. Your partner can not read minds, so tell it what it will please you.

5. Foreplay. To get a healthy marriage, start with the foreplay in the morning the sensation last all day. Make sure you are connected to each other all day and he did not forget to send a short message or call. Intercourse is only a small part of sex. Most important is intimacy. There are many ways to build intimacy with your partner in marriage. One of them gives a splash of sex since the start day.

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