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How to overcome the turmoil Pregnancy Hormones

Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009

How to overcome the turmoil Pregnancy Hormones

Talk about reproductive hormones, we will meet with the two lovebirds: progesterone and estrogen. Two "friends life" we are very volatile, so often made furious. Many people call the female hormones, because an important role in the body of a woman. In fact, both these hormones are also produced by the body of a man, though not much.

When you're pregnant, estrogen production is very large. Within a day, the amount even greater than that produced by non-pregnant women for three years! This is because the primary role of estrogen in controlling the development of important organs in the fetus. This hormone also “forces" our bodies to adapt to the presence of the baby, such as by making the uterus becomes large. No wonder that many physical and psychological changes occur in women, during the nine months of pregnancy.

Receive the effects:
* Presents a red rash or acne on the skin.
* There is stretch mark.
* Breasts enlarged.
* Enlarged genitals. The vaginal wall becomes thicker.
* Itching in all parts of the body.
* Increased appetite.
* Stress.

Overcome with:
Acne medical without antibiotics. If the acne was very disturbing arise, should ask the doctor to prescribe these acne medications, because it is safe and does not affect fetal development. If you do not want to eat any kind of medication during pregnancy, try to overcome acne with simple ways. Reduce consumption of fat, and increased intake of natural foods rich in antioxidants.

Olive oil. The appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy can not be avoided, but can be reduced. Rub olive oil on the abdomen, after each shower. Perform regular basis during pregnancy. Olive oil will serve as a natural moisturizer for the skin.

Calm the mind. Go with the pregnancy with joy and full of positive thoughts. Eliminate the fear of childbirth. If you feel emotionally unstable, ask your spouse and other family members for more attention to you. This will suppress potential for stress in pregnancy.

Eat regularly. To cope with the increased appetite, always provide healthy snacks. So, when we suddenly hungry, no food can be eaten immediately. This also helps to relieve anxiety.

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