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Fantastic experience for virgins with adult toys

Senin, 05 Oktober 2009

Fantastic experience for virgins with adult toys

Virgins might suppose that adult sex toys are intended only for experienced users, but this is not true! Pay your attention at catalogue of any sex shop and you will see that many adult are intended to use not only by experienced users, but by virgins as well!

Women's body has many sensitive zones, but the most sensitive areas are clit and areas hidden in the vagina. This means that a woman can reach two types of climax - vaginal climax and clitoral climax. Most of adult sex toys that are intended for women are intended for a specific purpose: for stimulation of vagina, or clitoris, or some other erogenous zone. A virgin cannot experience vaginal orgasm, but she can use adult sex toys that stimulate other, external sensitive zones! So what are the adult sex toys that are designed also for virgins?

Clit Vibrators. Clit Vibrators. There are plenty of various clit vibes offered at sex stores for your attention: clitoral suckers, clitoral teasers and many other mini vibrators that provide incredible vibrations to your clitoris and make you enjoy fantastic enjoyment. You can select among two types of clitoral vibrating sex toys - manual clit vibrators and hands-free clit vibrators.

Manual clit vibes are those vibrators that are held by hands during application The nicest clitoral vibes are multifunctional vibrating sex toys that provide vibrations, pulsations and other vibrating patterns. With a hands free vibrator you have a fantastic chance to have your hands free and to use your hands for massage of other sensitive zones. Most women like butterfly vibrating sex toys and vibrating panties. Butterfly vibes are miniature vibrators that possess straps to wear on things. Vibrating panties are ordinary panties that feature a vibrating bullet that teases the clit.

Egg or bullet vibrators. Egg or bullet vibrators. These adult sex toys are truly universal, they can be used by users of any sex, and definitely, they can be used by virgins. An egg or a bullet vibe presents one or two bullet or eggs that have a cord that connects the adult toy to the battery pack. With this adult toy you can stimulate each of your erogenous zones, for instance clitoris, labia or nipples. Have fantastic solo play with an egg or a bullet vibe and be aware that this adult toy is great for sex with a partner!

Nipple adult sex toys. Nipple play provides great pleasure especially if you use nipple toys for this purpose! You will find many cute nipple toys in online and offline sex stores! Nipple vibrators are a great nipple adult sex toys that provide great vibrations, escalations and other vibrating patterns to your nipples.

Nipple adult sex toys do not provide only enjoyment. Those females who wish to make their nipples enlarged use nipple toys for nipple enlargement. Among nipple suckers you will see ones with rubber bands that are to be placed around the base of the nipple so that to force protrusion. Be aware that adult toys that provide suction can be used on nipples for no longer than 15 minutes!

Anal toys.Anal toys. Anal sex toys are universal, these sex toys can be used by males and women, as well as by virgins, but it is not recommended to virgins to use these adult toys, since these are meant mostly for experienced users. The best anal sex toys for beginners are thin and short butt plugs. Try clit stimulation having a butt plug in the anus - you might adore this sensation!

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