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Myths and Facts Reproduction, careful Wrong

Kamis, 08 Oktober 2009

Myths and Facts Reproduction, careful Wrong

Many things about the reproduction of the myth that women are not proven true, especially concerning contraception are still reaping the long controversy until now.

Myth to-1. You will not get pregnant if having sex during menstruation
Wrong! Many women assume that sexual intercourse without a safety during menstruation or at the beginning or end of menstruation will not cause pregnancy. In fact there are many women who might become pregnant at the time of menstruation. Why? This is because sperm can live for up to 5 days in the body of a woman's menstrual period and if too short (less than 28 days), the fall of fertility can be at times during our period.

Myth to-2. I am still in the nursing period and therefore will not get pregnant.
Wrong! True indeed fertile and infrequent periods when you're in a period of breastfeeding, but one day you will return periods and you will experience fertile unconscious. Thus pregnancy can still happen even if you are breastfeeding. Just info: many doctors recommend delaying pregnancy until 1 year after childbirth.

Myth to-3. Couples I always ejaculate outside, so I will not get pregnant
Wrong! This is one of the biggest mistakes that women believe that you still get pregnant even if your partner ejaculates outside. Why is that? Because it appeared before ejaculation, a small amount of lubricating fluid will come out and the liquid containing sperm, in fact: any penetration of the vagina by the penis can directly lead to pregnancy even if the penis is pulled out before ejaculation.

Myth to-4. I wash my vagina to decline virginity.
Wrong! quite a lot of women who believe in things like this, but did not and again I emphasize that vaginal washing fluid will not prevent pregnancy for at that moment the sperm might have got into the uterus to meet your egg! And just a little tip: Washing the vagina can cause irritation.

Myth to-5. I will not get pregnant when having sex for the first time
Wrong! Oh dear, you are dead wrong if you think so. Pregnant is possible if you had started menstruating. And did you know that young women more fertile than old enough so that they can get pregnant very easily. Do not trust your spouse says that says that you will not get pregnant the first time having sex! Continue using protection if you connect and play safe.

Myth to-6. I could not be pregnant or a sexually transmitted disease because it has been taking birth control pills.
True and False! It is true that birth control pills is one effective way as a method of delaying pregnancy if used with the correct rules. But these pills will not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases and only one way that really 100% in preventing pregnancy and it is to do a fast abstinence or sexual intercourse

Myth to-7. I just do not protected intercourse one time, so I can not be pregnant.
Wrong! a one-time enough to make a pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease and even HIV! Do not allow your spouse to convince intercourse which will result in regret. Remember that the risk is greater than novelty.

Myth to-8. I was old enough so do not be pregnant
Wrong! as long as you are still experiencing menstruation, whenever you will get pregnant. It is true, the fertility age decreased. But but only you can get pregnant unless you do not menstruate until 1 year old.

Myth to-9. I rarely have sex, so do not need birth control pills.
Wrong! It's hard to guess when you'll need birth control pills. Try another alternative, use a condom. Just info: there is now a wide condom sense, you could be experimenting with a variety of taste!

Myth of the 10th. I have a lot of women's health issues, so I guess can not be pregnant
Wrong! Although a doctor says you may not be able to get pregnant, you can STILL be pregnant. Stay put protection. Fact: the fact that really 100% effective in preventing pregnancy is to not have sex at all. Abstinence is zero.

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