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11 Reasons Men Delay Marriage

Selasa, 13 Oktober 2009

11 Reasons Men Delay Marriage

In Indonesia, perhaps no man who considered himself anti commitment. If any, were not many. What happened really was not anti commitment, but only postpones the wedding. What caused the he did not also discuss wedding plans with you, find out why below:

The he still wants to flirt around
Once he decided to get married, surely he will lose the opportunity flirting or dating another woman. Most of them try to defend this opportunity as long as possible, especially when they are not sure what they are looking for the woman herself.

Women mature faster than men
Of course, this does not apply to everyone. But in general, "self binding" is synonymous with "mature" for some men. This is what men fear, because growing up demanding greater responsibility. It because of they want to delay the process of becoming an adult as long as possible.

There was another woman in his heart
It is hard for men to be bound by a woman, if her mind were on other women. But this is not hard to imagine, really. Try your own if you have it. You are asked to accept the love of a man, when you are attracted to other men?

He has other priorities
Whether out of consideration for education expenses to be borne brother, career, hobbies, or whatever, he can choose to delay his plans to get married first. Men tend to be committed to other things are more demanding attention, and chose to deal with problems as best he could love.

He was less comfortable with closeness
You would not know what caused it difficult to close with a woman, unless you already know him very well. Maybe he had a bad experience with a former lover, or a child of divorce, so he was being extra careful with the marriage bond. The pain is still there in his heart may make it reluctant to commit to a woman.

Fearing the marriage will not work
Bond with another person would involve risk. Both parties must be willing to make sacrifices for their partner, which of course draining. For some people, marriage is not worth living, unless there is 100 per cent guarantee would work for all people. Indeed, we can not guarantee whether it is really impossible, but certainly not something that makes him retreat.

He has a lot of activity
Peer, a married man, said that he generally would not feel worried about the singles title in her, if she has a lot of activities that keep him busy. In the end all men will want to commit, but while he was still able to satisfy expensive hobby, or hanging out with as many people, the chance that he will use his best.

He is only doing it for sex
There are some men who choose to be single because they want to conquer a woman. They want to undermine a woman's heart is notoriously difficult pursuit, women older, single women are popular, and so forth. Be careful, if you feel something is not comfortable when alone with him, better not have passed. Do not you just become one of the victims?

He was selfish
Bind themselves to one woman alone would make him have to sacrifice their interests, time and energy to others. You must attend meetings with people you do not know, while you still want to watch football on television. Try, where lies the pleasures of life when it is committed to always face? One time, he would not be selfish anymore, but certainly not the present time.

He do not really love you
He may think you people are fun to have fun, but you are not necessarily someone who wants to live together forever. You might be difficult to understand, but if you think a very simple-he’s just not that into you, you certainly could soon forget. Come on, what's to expect a man who does not want you?

You are too pressed to get married
If you want him to commit, let him find his own moment. It is precisely when you always have made the topic "when we get married?” He could interfere with any idea of marriage itself. After all, you certainly do not want him to marry you because I have to, right? Think if this happen to you.

The combination of the above reasons can cause a man to survive to delay marriage. If you are patient waiting for the right time, is not impossible that he could not wait to marry you. If that happens then the he actually comfortable with the status of those going out forever, meaning he is not for you.

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