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10 issues are often complain Sex

Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2009

10 issues are often complain Sex

According to experts of sex, there are 10 major problems that often occur in modern couples.

Addiction is any sexual activity that could not be controlled. For example, see the material pornography, masturbation, or visit localization.

Marriage age often makes sex life becomes monotonous.

Difficult to orgasm.
Research shows, as much as 35 percent of women have never had an orgasm, and 25 percent of women reaching orgasm difficult. Also expected, 70 percent of women can not reach a climax when the only sex through penetration alone. To achieve orgasm, they need the help of sex aids.

Premature Ejaculation.
These sexual problems complained of by more than 40 percent of men.

Not the same passion.
In general, men do have a stronger sex drive because they have the hormone testosterone 20-40 times more than women. In men, their testosterone levels will remain the same, whereas women are influenced by the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and age.

Hard erection
This problem affects 40 percent of 40-year-old male, and 70 percent experienced 70-year-old man. The majority are caused by stress and other health disorders.

Pain associated
In general, this condition is caused by a lack of stimulation. Post-childbirth, menopause, infections, irritation, and other gynecologic problems can also cause pain and pain during penetration.
Reducing of passionate sex can be caused by many factors. For example: stress, fatigue, pain, or emotional problems with a partner.

Addicted to pornography on the internet
People who are addicted to pornography on the Internet are usually reluctant to do for real physical interaction. As a result, her partner feels neglected.

Have a partner online
The proliferation of sites of friendship is the opportunity to "cheating". There was little left by the couple because the husband or wife just busy making out on the Internet with a lover in cyberspace.

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