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"Vagina Toilet", Wash Vagina Alone

Kamis, 01 Oktober 2009

"Vagina Toilet", Wash Vagina Alone

Vagina toilet itself or "Valerie" may still sound unfamiliar in your ears. This is a series of intimate organs cleaning woman who has been sexually active. Therefore, it is a huge benefit for female reproductive health.

Although these activities initially performed better trained doctors, you can do it yourself. It is so easy, after teaching, living practice, finished.

First of all, prepare fresh water (we recommend using bottled water), clean towels, make sure you are not menstruating, clean and cut the tip of the nail polish so that short and not sharp as clean, if you're sick postpone this activity and consult a doctor.

After all the preparations are done, wash hands with soap, relax you, standing with one foot relax on the toilet seat and one on the floor. You also can do other positions as you want.

Start with flushed out of the vaginal area, then fold in both the outer and inner lips of the vagina with running water, if necessary to use soap. After that open outer labia lips and in the vagina until you find and start cleaning and vagina flushed with clean water flowing. Keep in mind that in this section you may not use soap to clean it up. Gently place it gently on the middle finger in the vagina and conditions relax very gently insert your middle finger into it to reach the cervix / uterus you.

Continue cleaning by tracing the entire cervix, fornixes until the entire wall of the vagina with a circular motion and gently rubbed the middle finger pointing out of the vagina.

Without removing the entire middle finger, middle finger rinse dirty and slimy with water flowing. It can be helped to clean thumb. When the middle finger is clean, insert a finger into the vagina clean and repeat this until no longer have the dirt on all parts of the sex organs, or until the middle finger to feel coarse.

Gently remove it with a soft middle finger from the vagina, clean middle finger, hand and outer labia, vaginal lips with soap and clean water. After that, dry with a clean towel by pressing and pressing it gently, do not need to rub rubbed.

Do this method whenever and wherever desired. Priority after intercourse and routinely do after 2 - 3 days "clean" of menstruation. Do not forget if you find any abnormalities immediately contact your doctor to discuss it further.

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