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Sex Therapist Was Making Love With 1500 Clients

Sabtu, 10 Oktober 2009

Sex Therapist Was Making Love With 1500 Clients

If the other sex therapists just give counseling only, this one therapist who did not shrink from direct practice the correct way to make love in front of his client.

As a sex therapist, primary job Mare Simone (54) is listening to its clients around the business problem and provide solutions bed. Rather than providing solutions through counseling, a woman from Chelsea, United Kingdom, it also gives examples of past practice.

Women who had served his profession for 23 years every day visited by the client, whether male or female, to seek a solution of sexual problems they experienced.

"The men generally have problems with erections or premature ejaculation. Not a few also requested his wife came to me because the husband could not satisfy them in bed," she said.

Meanwhile, the problems of women complained of include difficulty orgasm or have a spouse who can not satisfy. "I then showed them how to satisfy themselves and love their bodies as they are," said the woman was still single.

Simone is a certified sex therapist and a very good deal with his client. His client is not limited to the UK only, but also from various places, including the United States. "My clients come from all ages and occupations. They were recommended by my colleagues or former client of mine," she said.

Actually, how Simone perform work? Counseling sessions conducted by Simone begins with consultations to break the ice and make clients feel more comfortable with Simone. In subsequent sessions, clients are welcome vent about the issue, while enjoying a massage in the back of Simone so they are more relaxed and open about its problems.

After that, the next session will be filled exercises. In this session she and her client would take off his clothes and looked at each other's bodies in the mirror. "Usually they are less confident with his body shape. However, after making sure I do not judge or condemn, they are more open and confident," she said.

At the session, she also did the massage on the front of the body to show how to touch the correct body. "Finally, the practice session so they can learn how to control yourself and solve the problem," said Simone.

Not infrequently, Simone had to practice sexual relationship with a husband in front of her to show that men should be more sensitive to their partner. "Every client he should use condoms and sexual health checkup," she said.

No wonder that according to Simone, she had had sex with more than 1,000 men, mostly husbands or boyfriend’s clients. When calculated for a 23-year career, he has helped 10,000 clients who seek solutions of the problems of sex, and 1,500 of them to do directly with sex practices.

Simone doing the work called "replacement sex partner". About the way it works is not unusual that, Simone argues that it is not illegal.

"I did pay to live by sleeping with her husband or lover of people. But I'm not a prostitute. What I do is legal for medicinal purposes in their problems," she said.

Simone is not the only "substitute sex partner" in this world. Quite a lot of sex therapists who do work such as Simone's way, even a formal organization.

"People should be taught how to have sex. Some way had to be learned. Not everybody can do this naturally. And my job is to teach and correct their sexual problems," she said.


Outside the experience of "a bunch” was Simone has a past trauma that affects his sex life. "At the age of 19 years, I was raped by a friend after the party," she said.

Because of fear, she did not dare to report rape they experienced. Since then, Simone claimed to lose faith in men and sex. After getting married 10 years later, she still could not remove the trauma and did not dare to intimate touch. As a result, her marriage foundered.

Simone felt that the failure of her marriage caused by the rape that happened. Since then, she was determined to find a cure. She also began studying Tantric sex therapist and sex, which comes from the ancient Hindu. "Since then I began to be enlightened and believe that the rape was not my fault. I began to enjoy more sex without feeling embarrassed or guilty," she said.

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