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Challenges Sex Every Day For 1 Month

Sabtu, 06 Maret 2010

 Challenges Sex Every Day For 1 Month

Refers to the increasingly high divorce rate, a priest in Florida, Paul Wirth, creating 'The 30-Day Sex Challenge'. Challenges have sex for a month is intended for married couples can spend their busy time for sex every day.

This challenge might be the easiest resolution this year. The reason to have sex more often considered providing many benefits for you and your partner.

Not only makes you feel closer to your partner, but can also prevent all kinds of diseases. A study found, undergo more frequent sex can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the body.

In addition, couples who make the scene more 'naughty' in bed tends to be more streamlined than couples who rarely have sex. Based on the results of research, sex can burn calories, 50-60.

Try to encourage couples to prove it. Live sex activity every day for a month can also drive a bad habit. Like smoking, and eating chocolate. The result was really surprising.

Often, it is difficult to provide time to have sex with your partner. This is because it is influenced by the routine is too dense. So it was you or your spouse had no time alone, although only 30 minute a day. So, when you're sorting through some of your regular agenda, try to tuck one important idea to spend time every day for 30 days to feel the effects of this challenge.

How about you? What you and your spouse are interested in practicing this challenge?

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