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The Zoonosis Disease Attention So

Kamis, 11 Maret 2010

The Zoonosis Disease Attention So

Previously we have to know understanding zoonotic disease. Zoonosis is the understanding of infectious diseases that occur naturally between vertebrate animals to humans.

There are two types of zoonoses

Antropozoonosis is an infection of vertebrate animals that can be transmitted to humans
Zooantroponosis is an infection in humans that can be transmitted to vertebrate animals.

Just quoted from the compass, the disease is increasingly getting the attention of the world. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention United States, for example, have recently focused their investigations on zoonotic diseases, or infectious diseases transmitted from animals to humans or vice versa.

Henry Walke as the Head Office of Program Coordination and Development of World Health and Public Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) United States said Tuesday (9 / 3), approximately 60 percent of new infectious diseases emerge a zoonotic disease.

He said zoonotic diseases have increasingly become a threat, especially in large populated country, diverse, and has a diversity of wildlife, including wildlife.

A number of factors trigger disease transmission, among others, is that environmental changes caused distances closer to the human animal. Another factor is the domestication of animals, including exotic animals. As a result, diseases that once resided in moving animals to humans. A number of cases such as the occurrence of bird flu, rabies, and ebola are examples that cause serious problems and occur in several countries.

"Most of the investigations carried out CDC disease and lead to cases of zoonoses," Henry said in the activities of Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication in Atlanta, Tuesday.

To control these diseases of public health infrastructure needed a good, among other surveillance devices or monitoring of disease. CDC itself provides technical assistance on request from the country concerned. Assistance is usually provided technical assistance and expertise specific to a particular disease.


Director of the Global Disease Detection Operations Center CDC says Ray Arthur, detection and investigation program more active disease, particularly after the emergence of SARS cases in various parts of the world. Through detection, the more new pathogens found, ie at least five new pathogen in 2003 to be approximately 30 new pathogens until the year 2008.

Director, Division of Viral and Rickettsial Diseases National Center for Zoonotic Vector-borne and enteric disease CDC says Steve Monroe, a pathogen is not always entirely new. This can occur during pathogen already exists, but is not recognized. That's because the pathogens isolated in the bodies of animals or isolated sufferers.

"Generally, a new pathogen known later after an increase in cases in the population," he said.

To find new pathogens, they build a system, one of which is gathering news from thousands of media around the world. Media screening has become an early warning of disease.

If the case is considered significant, the team sent down to investigate the case. CDC has about 18 representatives around the world. In some countries they are investigating the wild polio virus, HIV, and avian influenza (H5N1).

Ray added, the challenge in dealing with diseases of global nature, among others, is the inability of the authorities at the scene to detect accurately. In addition, the leaders are also reluctant to report cases that happened to the global community.

Indira Permanasari from Atlanta, United States

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