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Naked Sleep

Senin, 22 Maret 2010

Naked Sleep

If asked, what clothes the most comfortable to wear for sleeping, on average, your answer must be: negligee or alloy tank top and shorts. Thin material and minimal ease the chills and makes you free to move.

However, if you need a bit of a challenge, what if you just remove your clothing and bed to sleep naked? In the book The Best Sex of Your Life by Jennifer Hunt and Dan Baritchi, described how sleep naked provides many benefits. The touch of soft bedding materials on the skin, or touch your skin and your partner, will encourage increased your sexual life. Check out the various other benefits as follows:

Release oxytocin
The hormone oxytocin is released when the skin comes in contact with the skin. When skin contact from head to toe all night to bedcover or skin’s pair, you will get a useful flow of hormones. Some of the benefits of oxytocin, among other things, increase the sense of prosperity, lower heart rate, reduce stress hormones, increase trust, and of course, the sex drive.

Create a "mood" for sex
Many women refuse to have sex because in bad mood. The reason could be because of fatigue, fear of the child at any time up, or whatever bothers you. In fact, refuses to just make women feel lonely and ignored. Therefore, we encourage you to change the mood for love. Way, curled up under blankets with a bodysuit that you have been born with it. Pain rippled the skin will provide sexual stimulation that you need.

Look erotic
Any man can not bear to see his wife at his side curled up naked. It became a kind of invitation for her to have intercourse.

Creating desire
One of the main reasons women do not want to have sex is the imbalance in the relationship with partners. When you feel separated from your partner, you may also lose the desire for him. Well, sleep naked can help overcome these barriers.

When touching the skin on the bed, you can increase the sense of the bond between you and your partner. Remember when the first dating or first married, wished always touching, is not it? The more you touch; you feel more close to the couple. Increased ties synonymous with the more frequent sex.

Have sex more often provide many health benefits and marriage were more likely to last long. You do not need sex every day (unless you both do want), quite a few times a week. To spend half an hour a day to make love can be a fun sport for you. You'll feel more satisfied with your life, fitter, healthier and more!

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