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"Softlense" Plus Vitamin E for Glaucoma

Kamis, 25 Maret 2010

"Softlense" Plus Vitamin E for Glaucoma

If during this glaucoma patients rely on eye drops that work to lower eye pressure, present now a new alternative form of contact lenses (softlense) was added vitamin E and have the work force such as eye drops.

The latest contact lens technology is introduced in the arena of the American Chemical Society recently. This contact lens works by releasing the drug slowly and hold it in place. This contact lens is claimed effective in preventing deterioration of glaucoma disease.

Glaucoma is often referred to as the thief of vision because of this disease can cause loss of vision gradually without any symptoms. This interference occurs because the pressure in the eye abnormally.

Treatment of chronic glaucoma usually begins with eye drops. The goal of be lowering eye pressure. Only these eye drops should be used constantly every day, often erased the effects of the medicine in a few minutes so as not effective.

Unlike soft lens enriched with vitamin E, which will slowly release the drug into the inner lens and hold it as long as possible in the eyes.

"Most of the rapid eye drops cleared within two to five minutes so as not to hit the target. The drugs of this type are often absorbed into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body that can cause side effects," said Dr Anuj Chauhan, researchers from the University of Florida , United States.

In experiments on animals in the laboratory proved that the drug is released by contact lenses last longer before it erased. According Chuchan, the structure of vitamin E such as "nano brick wall" is small. "Because the brick walls are larger than drug molecules, we believe the longer it takes for molecules to enter the goal. This will increase the duration of drug release from contact lenses," he explained.

According to the plan, two years of contact lenses will be tested in patients with glaucoma. These contact lenses are also known to protect the eyes from the dangers of the sun. "Vitamin E in the contact lens will resist the sun," said Chuchan.

He added, contact lenses have a shape as regular contact lenses and can be used within a month. In the future, medicine for other eye diseases such as cataracts can also be included in this contact lens.

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