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Benefits of Sexual Activity For Health

Rabu, 13 Januari 2010

Benefits of Sexual Activity For Health

Many people like sex as fun and rewarding. However, sexual activity is not simply to satisfy a biological need but also has a large contribution to the health of your body.

Here are 5 reasons why sexual activity can make your life healthier and happier:

1. Sex cures headaches.

If this entire headache hurt you to enjoy sex, just the opposite, sex will cure your headache.

Sexual activity stimulates the production of hormones that oxitocin in hyphotlamus then channeled to the entire brain tissue. Oxitocin will trigger the production of another hormone, namely endorphine. This hormone is relaxing effect. A research has shown an increase oxytocin can cure headaches, cramps, trouble sleeping and even stress. Therefore they are having sex more often will be happier and can handle stress better.

2. Circulation

When you are aroused and excited, the heart will beat faster and faster to pump more blood so the blood circulation to the brain and the body increases. When the blood circulation smoothly, then the turn of gross blood with fresh blood, too quick, so that the body is always fresh. So another benefit is your body is always fresh.

3. Maintaining fitness

Assuming sex is proportional to the exercise correctly. Benefits other sexual activity is to make the body stay fit and motivate you to keep your body shape to remain proportional.

A study describing ever done, with sexual intercourse, you burn 150 calories every half hour. So, if you still refuse to do this fun sport?

4. Youthful drug

Did you know, every time an orgasm during sex, the hormone production of DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) increases? DHEA is a hormone that can boost the immune system, repair damaged tissue, and keep skin healthy and can even work as a natural antidepressant for you.

So, the more often you have sex and orgasm, you are young and live longer.

5. Increased Estrogen and Testosterone

Men and women, each are producing hormones testosterone and estrogen. Men produce more testosterone while women produce more estrogen. When you have sex, the production of testosterone and estrogen will increase.

For men, testosterone not only increases libido, but it can also strengthen bones and muscles while keeping the heart working to keep it in a stable condition. Where as in women increase testosterones, making you want penetration with your partner.

Sexual activity also increases levels of estrogen in the body. Hormone estrogen in women sentimental effect but at the same time protects them from heart disease. As for men, the effect of increased estrogen levels will only make them more calm and quiet.

Not unexpectedly, it turns out sexual activity has major benefits not only as mere reproductive activity.

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