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Women Gamers are More Active in Sexual Life

Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Women play games probably sounded childish. But according to the study, women who frequently play online games proved to be more active sexually and socially, than women who do not usually play games. This conclusion was obtained after holding the Harris Interactive poll of more than 2,000 adults in America, to quantify the game play habits and their lifestyle.

From the survey, it appears that the number of women who play online games is a lot. As many as 63 percent of GameHouse players are women. Related to sex, 57 percent of gamers admit that they have sex on a regular basis. Meanwhile, non-gamers who regularly have sex in number 52 percent.

"It's good to realize that women who play online games are happy; well with the relationship or sexual life," said Matt Hulett, Chief Gamer at GameHouse.

The notion that people are infatuated with the game to squirt or less physically active is also indisputable. This survey found that there was no difference between their levels of fitness that gamers and non gamers. As many as 49 percent of each group was doing physical activity at least once a week, either the gym or do sports games.

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