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5 Clothing Christmas, Kate Middleton Choice

Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

This year is the first year Kate Middleton celebrating Christmas as a wife of Prince William as well as a new member of the British Empire. The first Christmas together with in-laws and royal family seems to be enough experience 'tense'.

Christmas preparations ahead of this kingdom are to be completely prepared so as not to look embarrassing. However, equally important is to prepare a beautiful gown and stunning royal family, especially the queen.

Duchess of Cambridge claims to have faced this dilemma for the selection of clothing that will be used. Christmas celebrations in the palace in a procession this year, he must prepare at least five pieces of clothing are beautiful to wear.

"She looked forward to celebrating Christmas with the royal family, but she had to change her outfit five times without repeating clothes that had been used before," said a source from the palace as quoted Dailymail.

However, not Kate feels if she does not have a sense of high fashion and in accordance with the shape of her body. More recently, Kate looks busy shopping center to buy some clothes in the King's Road.

Kate's fashion choices are usually looks very beautiful in her body, such as when she used a length Ralph Lauren gown worth USD 4.9 million while visiting homeless shelters. As a member of the royal, Kate should always look stunning and perfect in every activity.

As reported by Grazia magazine, royal etiquette expert Jean Broke Smith said, "Kate will require casual clothing for breakfast, a formal dress and hat to go to church in the morning, a dress for lunch, cocktail dresses for evening meals, and evening dress for dinner, "he said.

To get all these clothes, she looks to visit and shop at clothing stores like Zara, LK Bennett. In both these stores, Kate estimated to have taken a long black dress sheathed and two cashmere cardigans. To view more stunning, she ordered two pieces evening dress from her favorite fashion houses such as when she chose her trousseau, Alexander McQueen.

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