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Lisa D'Amato Wins America's Next Top Model All-Stars

Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Lisa D'Amato, a finalist from California, won the contest America's Next Top Model All-Stars in Los Angeles on Wednesday (7/12/2011) ago. Lisa's emergence as the winner of the contest that brings contestants from this season was disappointing some parties. Many of those have a question what the basic election of Lisa as a winner.

In the final, America's Next Top Model All-Stars (ANTM) presents Lisa D'Amato, Allison Harvard, and Angelea Preston as a finalist. In the round, the jury consisting of Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, J. Alexander, and Andre Leon Talley, announced that Angelea has disqualified. The decision was taken after the CW Network, the TV network that produces the event; obtain information harmful self-finalists from Buffalo, New York.

The jury did not explain what the reason behind the disqualification of Angelea. But the search, the situation is due to errors Angelea own. Actually shooting for the final had gone before, and Angelea has been designated as the winner. Allegedly (this fact has not been confirmed) Angelea has announced her victory on his Facebook account before the final episode was aired. This is certainly against the rules, because it means most people already know the outcome before watching it on television. As a result, Angelea disqualified, and the CW Network was forced to repeat some new scenes for the final ANTM All-Stars which show only two finalists.

This announcement makes clear Lisa and Allison shock. After all, Lisa could not hide her delight after being declared the winner.

"It's fantastic," said 31-year-old woman. "Trust me actually came from a very fragile condition. A lot to prove. Now I feel that the world finally on my side. I will not disappoint anyone. I've won America's Next Top Model All-Stars. Fun times."

For the final selection stage, finalists must perform several tasks. They undergo water-themed photo shoot in Greece, a photo shoot for Cover Girl ads (sponsor of this event), and a fashion show with clothes from the Greek-themed water.

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