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Brown skin is now more popular Starred

Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

Beautiful is having white skin. That is "education" of the beauty industry in Indonesia. But lately, most urban women even tried to darken the color of her skin. It is s new battle of ideas to be more beauty?

To obtain a brown skin color, there are various ways of tanning or darkening of skin color, ranging from sunbathing or outdoor activities, use of tanning oil, spray, to infiltrate into the capsule machine tanning beds. Its like be done by Nordina Tania (21), women Jakarta. Wednesday (7/12/2011) at 12:00, Tania arrived in Lifespa Fitness in the number of TB Simatupang, South Jakarta. Fair-complexioned girl was scheduled to undergo tanning with a tanning bed machine.

Tanning bed resembles a machine used Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) in the movie Avatar to transform yourself into an avatar on Pandora. On the inside of the tanning bed, on the whole surface of the top side and bottom mounted fluorescent lamp that emits a kind of ultraviolet light in the spectrum resembles sunlight.

After take off her clothes and put eye protection, Tania get in to tanning beds infiltrate into 6800 watts of power and then let her body "baked" for 20 minutes. "For some reason, lately in Jakarta, tanning enthusiasts with the machine is increased, both men and women. In fact, we never advertise. Compared to bask in the sun, tanning beds with brown color more evenly “said Anita (42) from Lifespa

Tatang, also from Lifespa, disclose the original tanning beds since 2006 provided for the expatriate community, members of the fitness center at Lifespa. However, recently the demand is actually dominated Indonesia.

After tanning, Tania have new look. Her skin is now brown shimmer. Her cheeks flushed with no outward appearance of orange blush. "Start like tanning this way two years ago, since schools in Monaco. It turned out that tanning makes the skin adds a nice color. Sun-Kissed look. Sometimes I am tanning with a machine but more frequent sunbathing and wear lotion, "says Tania, who had no mulatto offspring.

With health reasons, Khairiyyah Sari (35), appearance and etiquette consultant choosing naturally with sun tanning. To achieve the intensity of brown-orange color of golden she rubbing tanning oil or tanning lotion on her body. Tanning lotion or oil and make-up shades of tan are now more easily obtained in a beauty shop in Jakarta. "The result became more radiant, golden orange brown, not brown filthy," said Sari, a bloody Sunda-Java and the original fair-complexioned.

Diligent sun also lived Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames (20), former Miss Indonesia 2010. Before leaving for the Miss Universe 2011, Nadine darkens her skin to the sun poolside at various hotels and applying tanning lotion. In fact, the original color of Java and English-blooded girl is already likely to dark brown, but she just wanted to be darker. "Sun-Kissed look look fresh, healthy," says Nadine.

Mega Space of Miss Indonesia Foundation revealed that since last year, on the advice of consultants from the United States, Miss Indonesia who was sent to Miss Universe was called upon to perform with a tan. In that event, the Western world's perception of beauty indeed dominates. Women who are considered beautiful even tan skinned. It's like a song written in the bossa nova of Astrud Gilberto, "The Girl from Ipanema". ... Tall and tan and young and lovely, the girl from Ipanema goes walking....

According to Tommy F Awuy, who teaches philosophy at the Faculty of Humanities University of Indonesia, the perception of female beauty always continues to fight in the definition whether it's the definition version of the dominant culture that tends to patriarchy, industrial versions, up to religion. In the era of consumption, the beauty industry with its capital strength continues to strengthen the definition of guerrilla pretty compact version to the community suffering from an industrial complex beauty. Tommy added, it happens when the definition of pretty strong version of the industry accepted as reality. If not followed, women considered to be knocked out of the category of beautiful.

When most women urban "paranoid" became darker skin due to exposure to sunlight, a handful of others apparently did not hesitate to embrace the sun. Agni Pratistha (23), Denada (33), and Nadine Chandrawinata (27) are Indonesian is celebrities that most who enjoy the sun drenched. "I was hooked move out, Embracing the sun. Delicious, warm. Added a black leather baseball, "said Vierra, who like Nadine too fond of diving in the sea.

Tommy looked at each other, the perception is superior to whites may be related to the understanding of evolution. "The white is considered a well evolved, forming bone, flesh and skin is perfect, while the black is not. Beauty industry refers to such thoughts, reflected in the ad that shows bleaching process "evolution" of blacks to be white, "says Tommy.

Agni Pratistha not get stuck in the "doctrine" was. This girl is crazy running out of space. Agni deliberately let herself be run without a hat or shirt closed. Her skin darkened so that the original white.

Options may indeed reflect an attitude of resistance, as implied from greeting a young girl this young. "The perception of beauty is associated with white skin color is irrelevant baseball," said actor tanning, Tania Nordina.

Lunch was still blazing. Tania left Lifespa passed. Her skin is now like a kiss out of the sun.

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