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"Sex Toys " Is It Make You More Wild in Bed?

Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Missionary style is always spelled out as a boring style, because we've done since the first time you have sex with a partner. However, a survey conducted a sex props company, Adam & Eve, suggesting that this is the most preferred style of Americans.

Online poll involving 1,000 Americans exposes the facts: 32 percent of poll participants chose the missionary as their favorite positions; 23 percent chose doggy style, and 22 percent chose the style cowgirl (woman on top). Then, only 7 percent who chose 69 positions, 6 percent chose spooning style (sideways), and 4 percent liked the reverse cowgirl style (woman on top but the style of the woman facing the opposite direction).

However, the poll by fans of Adam & Eve on Facebook showed different results. More than half of poll participants were choosing doggy style (53 percent), followed by the woman on top (29 percent). While the missionary and reverse cowgirl style was only 6 percent of participants voting interest.

The survey through the site of Adam & Eve also reveals another fact. If you often use props sex, chances are you also doggy style enthusiasts. Adult Toys Company concludes, those who like to involve sex toys during sex tend to be more adventurous or wilder in bed than those who do not use it. While they are not fond of experimenting with props that are then choose the style that is "mediocre", in this missionary.

Sources: Your Tango

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