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When Designers Collaborate with Chocolatier

Kamis, 08 Desember 2011

Enjoy the pleasure of chocolate may be the most easily found every day. But enjoy the chocolate-studded fashion design may only be found in the Magnum Pleasure 365, The Ultimate Chocolate Experience.

Brand of premium chocolate ice cream, Magnum, held a fashion show and exhibition involving five best designers of Jakarta Fashion Week fashion week. They are Tex Saverio, Stella Rissa, Barli Asmara, Priyo Octaviano, and Auguste Soesastro.

Unique and different Fashion design with a touch of Belgian Chocolatier by Andy Van Den Broeck. Andy collaborated with five designers in the fashion artwork complements the five fashion masterpiece.

Each dress represents the strong character of the five talented young designers. Although different styles, one similarity. Fashion design collections of five original designers were stained with Belgian chocolate.

It is a pleasure for the Chocolatier also the designer to create different works, meet the challenges of Magnum. For Andy, collaborated with fashion designer is not the first time. This is the second time for Andy in the creative with the original Belgian chocolate in fashion design.

"Creation of chocolate on each dress has a different technique. As layer technique, immersion, spray, each dresses to give different challenges and experiences. The risk of using chocolate on the clothing if it is not melting, chocolate will be ruined," said Andy after a press conference in Jakarta, on Wednesday (7/12/2011) ago.

Although each designer provides a challenge for him, Andy admitted, the most shocking fashion design challenge for him. "The design requires cumbersome and trying harder. I thank shocking that gives me a challenge to complete the vision, concept designs," he said.

While fashion design is known as Tex Saverio young designers a rich imagination, the most easily applied with a chocolate for Andy.

"I and designers need to compromise to produce works, because chocolate cannot be treated equally with other materials in making clothes," he said.

Magnum fashion design challenge for designers to its own pleasure. Stella and Auguste admit it. "This is a fun project. Designers also need to design clothing that is not based on orders," said Stella and Auguste, who was met on the sidelines Female Compass opening of the exhibition.

Each presented three fashion designers, and a fashion masterpiece that was designed with the original Belgian chocolate. Clothing of chocolate is on display until Sunday, December 11, 2011 in the exhibition-style Magnum is.

"Clothing is purchased and becomes the property of Magnum," said Stella.

With chocolate as one of the clothing material, the designers realized that fashion is not durable. Over time, the raw material of chocolate on the clothing will be damaged. This is where the designer of proven expertise. Creating clothing that represents the character and personal image, but still creative mixing and match ingredients to produce quality clothing.

"This is a temporary art. Chocolate will be damaged over time and decay. So I use the proper materials," said Auguste calico who choose material to make clothing two pieces, with cape tops 100 percent covered in Belgian chocolate.

While Stella presents feminine dress, a skirt that is designed to use chocolate. About the color, to match the concept of this Magnum-style dress, Stella chose black, white, and brown.

Tex Saverio, select one of the fashion design collections are shown in closing and Jakarta Fashion Week 2012. The luxurious thick golden shades in fashion design fashion Tex on stage JFW 2012. But this time, fashion design full details Tex-rich with chocolate. Even so, the distinctive character on the line especially in the detailed design Tex clothing is still a strong stand.

You can see for yourself the object of art is a pleasure for these designers. Perhaps this is the pleasure of five fashions you're looking for. A work of art and unusual fashion products, made from genuine Belgian chocolate, which can give pleasure and satisfaction, are different.

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