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Stack Charm Accents From Up2Date, Mulim Fashion on 2012

Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

In addition to covering the body with the appropriate rules of Muslim dress, Indonesia Muslim women seem to really want to follow fashion trends. To prove that the Moslem can also look trendy, Up2date held a fashion show titled Featurustic 2012. "We want to prove that the Moslem can also be like any other clothing that could become a trend in the next year," said Nita Damayanti, Director of Trimoda Up2date, before the show at the Hotel Mulia Senayan, South Jakarta, Thursday (12/15/2011).

Featurustic theme itself is a synergy of word features, futures, and rustic, which means combining several elements of modern and traditional elements in unified frontier clothing. Assimilation synergy of two elements that is actually quite the opposite as east and west, future and past, wood and cement, urban and rustic, it gives a touch of style and harmony remain fashionable look.

"This is consistent with world fashion trends, ie urban remix, but this time applied to the Muslim fashion," she added.

Traditional fabric choices
A total of 48 designs shown Moslem times this refers more to the style of ready-made clothing and casual shades. Uniquely, the new pattern is presented Up2date this time more nuanced touch remek batik, cloth jumputan (tie dye), and modern batik. Batik remek presented to increase the repertory kind beautiful batik cotton that when combined in the Muslim fashion.

"Batik is made jumputan own, focused on the one hand, for example at the shoulder so that the bodies of the users do not look bigger," said Nita.

Pretty typical Indonesian fashion silhouette is also presented in a new flea kebaya, baju bodo, kebaya brackets, and skirt, inspired by modification of cloth wrapped but with modifications in some modern touches side. "The selection of fabric itself is an organic cotton fabric that is environmentally friendly," she said.

Stacks of charm accents
In a fashion collection shown Up2date, there is one characteristic that became common thread, namely the existence of accent stack. This stack concept was intended to give freedom to the user for free to be creative with clothing. There are many options on offer, ranging robe stacked up long skirts with asymmetrical cardigan, a new flea asymmetric, bolero, blouses, tunic length until combined with a tinge of batik patterns.

Muslim clothing is not only synonymous with the robe or a long skirt; because it turns out the combination of pants to skirts trousers can also look stunning. Piece of trendy pants like palazzo pants, jumpsuit, until the harem pants can also look beautiful.

However, long-paced clothing looks comfortable as well use the material for the outer garment shirts, stacks, and hoods. Pieces of clothing are also made with a lightweight design that provides flexibility to move. Texture waving and flowing fabric that was presented with a perfect through organdy material selection such as Slub cotton, jersi, cotton, rayon, spandex and linen.

Blend colors and patterns tend to be light and small it makes the dress looks proportional in the body of the wearer. This time Up2date also appear bolder in color selection. If this label is usually much more highlight the gray and black color, now appear several colors like pink, bottle green, coral, brown, navy blue, maroon, khaki, and salmon, so it seem more colorful and modern.

"Not to forget there is also a choice of orange as the color trends of 2012, which also presented in Up2date Muslim fashion choices this time," Nita added.

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