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"69" Style, Not Realy Sexy

Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

The short name is 69, or more commonly known as the sex positions that focus on oral sex. Only, here both parties get oral stimulation together.

The position of the concept comes from the French body requires men and women reversed so that the mouth is near the genitals partner. Generally, men supine position, while a woman kneeling in a position almost faces down on a man's body. Sometimes there are variations in spooning position (sideways), but remained with the body position reversed. This makes your hands more freedom to explore your partner's body parts.

According to Dr. Sari Locker, MS, PhD, sexologist and lecturer in psychology at Columbia University, 69 is actually not a sexual position, but a sexual activity that can be done with a variety of positions. You can change the position of each other until you both feel the anatomy of your body touched in a comfortable and enjoyable. Orgasm can come up unexpectedly, which of course, be more fun.

Judging from its function, 69 were impressive as a very intimate position and not selfish. Therefore, no one party is given the opportunity to be stimulated first. Because the woman on top, the theory is she can more able to control her position of her body or in stimulating partner. This style also looks sensual and beautiful from the side position.

However, in practice, this position is often not as beautiful as it seems. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for one position to move or obtain maximal stimulation. Many women feel uncomfortable with the face down position like that because it should always create a comfortable foot position, or make a neck strain. There are men who are worried, if in a spooning position, his legs will cause a heavy burden on his partner's body.

The problem is often posed is the burden of weight and lack of support on the female body that cause pain on both sides. You become more easily tired in this position, knee and elbow feels stiff, while men become less able to control the stimulation to you.

If it is above, men also have advantages and disadvantages. The advantage, men were more able to control his movements, and women can explore more parts of the body of her partner. That make it uncomfortable, she could easily choke in this position. The man will feel his neck become tense. They also tend to ejaculate prematurely because of the intense stimulation.

"Most people do not like this style of sixty-nine altogether because disrupt concentration. They may want to focus on their own pleasure if they want to get an orgasm from oral sex. Or they cannot concentrate to receive as well as giving oral sex in a way that they want," said Dr. Locker.

To overcome this, in fact several things you can do. For example, you have to take turns giving and receiving stimulation to be able to enjoy it without being disturbed his concentration. Then, when the air-69, you can always change the position as a variation, or to restore the body that feels sore. The man on top position, men need to be more vigilant with her partner's body, and make sure their partner can breathe a sigh of relief.

Even more importantly, oral sex would be great fun if you do not think how to shape your body in an upside down like that. Do it with the aim to please your partner each other, and do whatever feels comfortable for you and your partner's body.

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