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Some Sex Myths That Perceived True

Senin, 31 Agustus 2009

Some Sex Myths That Perceived True

Sex with young children make youth? Often makes sex can be younger? Sperm swallowing and rubbing to face make a youthful face? It's all just a myth that makes a lot of people get lost, but still believed and disseminated.

"I am a volunteer in one of the NGOs working in the field of reproductive health. In giving guidance, I and my friends often have a difficult question to answer. Please explain the following questions:

Is it true that sex is often a long life? It is said on the internet there are many such explanations. If true, what reason and whether it was true if we recommend people to have sex so often a long life?

Is it true that having sex with young people to make younger? Many people apply it. Also information about the sperm can make a young woman when applied in the face or swallow. How true explanation?
R.T., Jakarta

Less precise
There was a lot of information about sex that circulated widely in the community, though not necessarily true. The information contained in the mass media is also not all true. Can inconceivable that any information was passed on to others.

Among the false information, many of which have become a myth. Third information you receive as question is a myth. That is, the information is wrong, but because it had been around a long time, eventually be considered true by many people.

Some myths of sex as correct as disseminated on the Internet. In fact, the information is not based on the true source of scientifically.

Information that often can make sex long life is a lot published on the internet. Many questions that arise related to longevity. One is a state of physical and psychological health is good, so that their long life and more frequent sex. Less appropriate if you recommend more frequent sexual relations in order to live long.

Making lost
Information about sexual relations with young people to make young too frequently asked questions. There's no scientific data to support this information. More young or not, is associated with a healthy lifestyle or not, presence or absence of disease, severity of stress, and treatment efforts to meet the needs of the body.

Similarly, information about the sperm that can make women looks like younger. Difficult to understand if there are still people who believe and apply it.

Generally the information is reinforced by the explanation that in the sperm many useful materials. Explanations like this we get also from information about urine therapy. In fact, scientific evidence does not support the truth of the information.

I am glad that you as a volunteer to ask questions to ensure it is correct. If not, will more and more people get lost? If you believe that sex with young people, people will look for teenagers to have sex.

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