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History of Condoms

Sabtu, 08 Agustus 2009

History of Condoms

It's all people know the tool called a condom contraception. In addition to preventing pregnancy, condoms are now functions to prevent the increase of venereal disease or the disease of HIV / AIDS. But, you know how the beginning of the first finding of condoms?

Still not clear where the word "condom" is derived. Some suspect that the word comes from a town called Condom, located in the province of Gascony, southwest France. The men from the town of Condom is famous for is that like sex, less patient, and easy-tempered, more or less prominent characters such as Cyrano de Bergerac in the drama director of Edmond Rostrands.

Other opinions say the word condom is taken from the name Dr.Condom, a doctor of English origin and have Prince Title. In mid-year 1600, he was originally introduced to cover the penis shaft to protect the King Charles II of transmission of venereal disease.

According to Charles Panati, in his book Sexy Origins and intimate Things, glove to protect the penis has been used since many back. History shows the Roman, may also Egypt, using a thin crust of the bladder and intestine of animals as a "wrapper".

Primitive condoms are not used to prevent pregnancy but to avoid venereal disease. For the birth, since men are always on the first women to choose the form of contraception.

Gabriello Fallopia, a doctor from Italy who lived in the 17th century that the first two thin tubes that carry eggs from the ovarium cells to the uterus. He was known as the "father of condoms" because in the mid-year 1500 to make it a linen sheath sized fitting (fit) in the penis and protects the skin surface. His invention has tested on 1000 male and successful.

Condoms in the 17th century shaped thick and made from animal intestine, peritoneum of fish and linen that slippery. However, because condoms are seen to reduce sexual pleasure and not always effective to prevent transmission of disease (as a result of repeatedly without washing), condoms are not popular. A French nobleman even mentions condoms as a "shield against love, protective sheath from the disease."

However, condoms are still used at that time because many men fear contagious venereal disease. A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue that year in London in 1785 mentions condoms as a "gut dry goat that is used in men to prevent sexual transmission of disease."

The form of a condom is the longer the more adjusted to the purpose of "safe and comfortable" is reached. After the era of goat entrails, try some of the materials is to make condoms:

- Rubber Condoms
Sheath that is made from rubber appear in the year 1870. Community then take the slip is only "rubber". At that time rubber condom is thick and very expensive. Wash these condoms before and after sexual relations is suggested for its user. They can use up to the rubber is leaking or broken.

- Latex condom
Much more thin, sterile, and only use, condoms began this latest generation introduced in 1930-an. Some condoms are designed in oval shape and effect to encourage women's satisfaction. This condom also has a hood so that the sperm for a more comfortable and safe for men to women.
- Polyurethane condoms
This is the last version of the condom. More material from the thin latex, more impermeable and anti-leak, and has a lubricant. Condoms are considered a new ideal for men and women to secure against latex allergy.

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