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Myths and Facts About Condom

Sabtu, 29 Agustus 2009

Myths and Facts About Condom

Many myths about condoms that make people hesitate to use it. In order not mistaken, know the facts and get the benefits.

Myth: Keep getting pregnant while using condoms
Fact: The use of condoms is actually more to reduce the risk of pregnancy. But the risk remains small percentage, especially if the condom broke or leaked.

Myth: Condoms reduce sexual pleasure
Fact: Condoms in the present has experienced many changes and improvements. Condoms are made of thin material, elastic, and durable so that does not reduce the level of skin sensitivity. Condoms are also available in a variety of colors and flavors can make you love the game and the couple became more fun. So, no need to worry.

Myth: Condoms cause allergic
Fact: Most condoms are made of latex. But, only 1-3 percent of people who are allergic to this material. After all, there are also condoms made of non latex. People who are allergic to latex condoms can choose polyurethane raw fabric. Which is better? Calm down, both types of condoms has proved equally effective.

Myth: Condoms are better used with creams, lubricants, and gels.
Fact: You do not believe this myth. The reason, certain creams and gels, including baby oil and hand body, it can cause itching, burning, or other allergic reactions. Substances in gel and cream can also damage the condom.

In fact, creams and lubricating oils that can create holes in latex very quickly. If you want to keep using a lubricant, make sure you wear a condom made of polyurethane materials for safe use with oil and water based lubricants.

Myth: Installing a condom "dim" erection couples
Fact: This myth is indeed true in some people. However, most men still can maintain an erection for 15 seconds when the condom they touched Mr. P.

However, for those who have problems with condoms couples, there are many ways to not "kill" the reaction. First, open the first pack of condoms before having sex show begins. Then, place the condom on the bedside before penetrating partner. We recommend you that pair of condoms because you touch that will make Mr. P remained standing as desired.

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