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Different County have Different Virginity Consept

Minggu, 09 Agustus 2009

Different County have Different Virginity Consept

The term virgin comes from the Latin language virgo or maiden, virgin. This term also has a close connection with the term virga, which means that new, young branches or branches that are not shaped.

Maidenhead, this term continues to be so bright, vulgar. When someone asks or mentions "your virgin or not" necessarily a statement or question that will bother you. However, just forget this problem.

Let's see some views concerning virginity. In some other parts of the world, the concept of virginity has the meaning of each.

- There are cultures that consider a woman who remains virgin maiden though she was a prostitute. Only through marriage alone she lost virginity. Although for many years a woman to become prostitutes, while he was married to be treated as virgin, dressed in white, and showing herself in front of her husband with such pure and simple. He will steal her virginity.

- In other parts of the world, a woman who is married without children is a virgin. Virginity lost only when the first child born through the vagina. Virginity is not lost because of sex but as a mother. So every woman does not have children, although often have sex, she is still virgin.

- Among those who fear the myths on the first night of blood, blood has a long story and enough negative connotations. A man will marry a woman only after the membrane was broken through sex with a stranger so that duty. Employment of foreigners is considered to be difficult, and men who do so will be considered because he received intrepid danger repeatedly when making contact with the blood.

- A woman who lost the virginity by a guardian on her husband to prove that he is more pure and more virgin than before. Therefore, to have sex with them is not dangerous.

- A woman in the Western world will still be considered virgin until her sexual conduct, anal or oral with men. And it is still our grasp until now. Even in the East.

If the definition of virginity sounds confusing and absurd for us with this story, the term we use to designate maidenhead will invite wry smile. We may ask in the heart, what means that the virginity of a woman.

In a poll said that 56 percent of children of secondary school age girls in the United States have sexual conduct. Even more than that, many couples who have lived the same house before the wedding official run.

However, there are still many couples who want marriage monogamy, although virginity is not something that absolutely must be maintained. One thing worth note is that for centuries the concept of virginity as a woman’s purity ideals has differences from one place to another. Then what does it mean virgin? Please to think it!

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