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Ice Stone, Helps Men Win The Big O

Kamis, 13 Agustus 2009

Ice Stone, Helps Men Win The Big O

Refresh! The first words in the mind drift when you gulp ice. Cold sensation of ice cubes can also be one of the media in the bed when pay.

Eric Garrison, author book Mastering Multiple Sex Position and author The Complete Idiot book’s Guide to Sensual Massage, Patti Britton, PhD Cosmopolitan provide through the steps to make event more "wild" by entering the ice as one of the media.

Start with a little snippet to put ice cubes in your mouth, and smell through the pair behind the back. Make it up to couples to enjoy the game and then the tongues respond.

Take off your pair’s clothes one by one, except under wear. So he only covered Mr. P only. Then, start exploring the body of couples on the rocks, while making love with the tongue. Your wanton ways can give pleasure apart.

Then, you can put a few snippets of ice in the hands of the pair. Give the example to your pair to put ice cubes in your breast.

Help your pair’s hand movements as if being on the drawing canvas. Do fade, referring to the hilt and your breast. When the pair looks to lose control, do not let him explore the breast with your lips, and forget the ice cubes that accompany your exciting event with him.

If the desire does not make couples already can stopped, it's time for you to do a more prankish action to seduce his Mr. P.

Then, do oral sex on Mr. P, but do not forget to include the ice to provide extraordinary sensation. Play his Mr. P with the ice occasionally. The combination of warm breath burn with cold temperature of ice on his Mr. P, will make your pair reach peak enjoyment soon.

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