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Broken Penis, Possible or Not?

Selasa, 11 Agustus 2009

Broken Penis

Actually mentions broken (fracture) to the penis somewhat less precise because penis does not have a bone. But the sound is similar fault, the great pain, and contusion and swelling caused similar incident with the broken bones.

Basically, it happens because there is trauma in the corpus cavernous, layer-cylinder found in the penis. Corpus cavernous contains erects system similar sponge a duty to accommodate blood during erects.

Although very rare, but in the world since year 1935 - 2001, recorded 1331 cases have broken the penis are reported. Typically these override adolescent males because they are usually on erects still hard and rigid.

According Drogo Montague, MD, urology experts from the Cleveland Clinic, USA, fracture case, it will look black and blue that comes with pain.

Penis fracture, according to Montague, most often occurs because a man is too excited to play their penis during a penetration. "Women who move too vibrant time in the woman on top position can also cause broken penis," he said as quoted health site WebMD.

Same with Montague, Dr.Darius Paduch, urology expert from New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center, explains, it is often broken during sexual activity is done.

"Most of the reported cases occur when the woman on top position. There are also instances when the sex made women sitting at the table with the position directly to the men. But one of the penis is inserted on the table," said Paduch.

In addition to sexual activity that is too excited, roll on the bed with the position of the penis are erects when a man sleeping, also suspected to be causing the penis fracture. Broken penis also been reported due to a man hurriedly dressed his penis while still in the tense situation.

According Paduch, penis fracture can not be treated only with ice. Patient treatment should be immediately to the doctor because surgery therapy is the most appropriate treatment for this condition. A study of the nine men who perform the operation, majority can get healing and erects with normal surgery.

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Nice article, just the right thing to read after watching Gray's Anatomy.

pHirTual@ndhSTi mengatakan...

ty 4 comment..^_^what's Gray's Anatomy?

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