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Diamonds of Ashes Human Bodies

Rabu, 10 Agustus 2011

Diamonds are a symbol of eternity. Through a special process, acquired a beautiful diamond stone from the ashes of dead human bodies by cremation. And this becomes a new trend in Switzerland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, United States, Japan and China.

"Life Gem" the name given to this man than a diamond, the production company called Algordanza in East Switzerland to a vigorous promotion offering services transform ashes into diamonds

In every promo is said if the making of "Life Gem" is very useful especially for people who moved away from home, people who like to travel far, cemetery maintenance becomes difficult. And although the combustion increasingly popular, require a special permit is generally required for transport across the border.

Although most "Life Gem" requests from families after someone has died but lately people started asking Algordanza services company, before they die. They are even willing to pay in advance.

"500 grams of ashes is enough to make a diamond, while the human body to leave approximately 2.5 to 3.0 kg of ash," said Willy, one of the employees Algordanza. For the cost of manufacture, according to Willy ranged from 4.500 to 16.700 Euro and it came under the category of cheap. Because the funeral costs in Europe could reach 4.400 to 17.000 Euro. Each month, the company received 40-50 orders from all over the world, from mainland Europe to Asia.

In the laboratory the company, about 15 machines work relentlessly under the supervision of the employees who wear protective eyewear that works behind the yellow line and black line that should not be bypassed by visitors as a tribute to the deceased.

"500 grams of ashes is enough to make a diamond, while the human body can produce an average of 2.5? 3 kg of ash "said Willy. First, potassium and calcium, which is 85% of human ashes, is separated from the carbon. Then the carbon will be heated with high temperature and pressure, about 1,700 ° C, a process that compresses the ashes into graphite, the carbon allotrope.

Pressure and heat on the graphite will transform graphite into hardest allotrope of carbon diamond. The entire process takes 6-8 weeks, much faster than the time required for the formation of natural diamonds which take thousands of years.

"Each diamond is produced is very unique. The color varies from dark blue to almost white. This is a reflection of personality, "said Willy. Algordanza that stood since 2004 has now expanded to 20 countries, including six outside Europe, and employs approximately 100 people. According to currently very popular and high demand in Japan and China, this sends between two to four orders per day.

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