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Body Odor The sting

Minggu, 21 Agustus 2011

Living in a tropical country makes us familiar with the sweat. Water that seeps through the pores of the skin are usually arises when we feel hot or after exercise. It smells tend to be acidic. The sweat produced by the body cause odor after having contact with the bacteria on the skin surface. Bacteria break down fat and protein content in the sweat to produce acidic compounds. Sweat glands resulting in two layers of skin they are akrin and apocrine. Akrin glands spread over almost the whole body. The sweat produced acts as a regulator of body temperature.

Sweat usually appears when the body is conducting activities that produce heat energy, as well as nervous and nauseous. Whereas apocrine glands are generally found in areas such as underarm hair roots and sex organs. The resulting sweat glands is a potentially produce body odor on contact with bacteria. Apocrine glands become active when entering puberty. Accrine glands secrete fluid that contains water and is odorless. The fluid serves degrades the body at any given time. Whereas apocrine glands are contain saturated fatty acids with more viscous and oily liquids. Actually, the fluid is produced by the apocrine glands only smell of fat. However, because in every strand of hair there is one apocrine and contains bacteria that play a role in the process of decay, hence the smell of body odor. Sometimes there are people who have larger apocrine glands, so that a greater sweat production and spoilage bacteria are also much more. The smell of body odor is also influenced by genetic factors. However, it does not guarantee 100%. The important thing is how to always maintain the cleanliness of the body. Cleanliness body starts from the clothes we wear, regularly clean the body or bath 2 times a day, and keep the food we eat. Armpit hair also plays a role raises body odor. Medically, armpit hair serves to regulate the expanding surface of evaporation of sweat. At the base of the hair, there are many pores into the mouth of the sweat glands to drain into the armpit sweat. Fur around the genitalia can also make the body odor to odor, but because of its distance from the sense of smell, the smell that emerged was not too felt. As long as we always maintain the cleanliness of the body, the body odor will not appear. Because, if the sweat is produced by apocrine glands removed, the bacteria would not make the process of decay.

The condition of one's soul, such as stress or emotion, in fact also affects the apocrine glands work more effectively and productively, thus exacerbating the body odor. Another factor is obesity triggers the body odor. In obese people, tend to sweat trapped between the folds of her skin. If the glands apocrine sweat a little but we do not clean it and then mixed with bacteria, body odor will occur in our bodies. Especially if you often eat high protein foods, such as goat meat (because it can dilate blood vessels), durian, fried onions, smoking, alcohol, and antibiotics. Production of sweat every person is different. Transpiration is influenced by several factors, among others, body activity, ambient temperature, a puddle of emotion, and neural stimulation. Sweat contains sodium chloride is the main, the same as the main ingredient of salt. That is why the body sweat taste salty.

Cope with excessive perspiration or body odor caused by perspiration is not a difficult thing. Today, many products marketed deodorant to dispel a bad odor that appeared in the armpit area. Shaving in the armpit area is also effective in reducing odor. Body odor is something powerful issued by the sweat glands and armpits are one place to sweat. Deodorant products become the choice of many people to get rid of underarm odor. Other functions include underarm sweat glands is to remove toxins from the body. Because of that sweat is an important part of maintaining optimum physical health. Toxins from the body is removed after going through the process of metabolism, through urine, breathing the carbon monoxide and other toxins released by the skin as the body's largest organ. Armpit has an important function to remove toxins, because it is essential to the body sweating. But what about the odor generated? Experts say the smell comes from bacteria that live in the human armpit. But the main cause of armpit odor is the excretion of intestinal toxins harmful substances that try to get out, but with the use of deodorant solution is closed and toxic substances are being forced to remain in the system, as reported by Naturalnews. Sought ways to eliminate odors do not use deodorant products are not healthy, but rid you of the food into the body. In other words if the armpit has a bad odor, indicating that the body needs food that can improve. One of the foods that can cause underarm odor is red meat which is the number one cause of underarm odor, while also no junk food or fast food. While the food may reduce armpit odor is fresh fruits, soy products, healthy oils and other unhealthy content. Also foods that contain aromatherapy is also good for reducing underarm odor such as rosemary or oregano.

Here are some steps that can be done to reduce underarm odor:
  1. Rub with white vinegar underarms which can help eliminate the odor of the armpit, perform with a cotton bud.
  2. Rub with apple vinegar can lower the pH levels in the skin of the armpit. At low pH the bacteria that causes body odor will not last.
  3. Use baby powder or baking soda on the underarms, is to keep the underarms stay dry. Powder will help absorb moisture armpits and also kills bacteria.
  4. Make your own deodorant by mixing 6-8 drops of rosemary essential oil in water or mix 2-3 - drops of tea tree essential oil with water which serves as an antibacterial.
  5. Drinking a glass of herbal sage tea is known to reduce sweat gland activity, especially if the body is stressed or under pressure. Combine two teaspoons of sage in a cup of hot water and let stand for 15 minutes to drink each day.
  6. Keep health and hygiene of the body by bathing regularly twice a day.

Body odor can indeed be overcome in various ways. If a lot of ways you have tried but failed to also eliminate body odor.

Try the following natural ingredients:
  1. Provide l1 lime fruit is rather large, 13 tablespoons of whiting, l1 teaspoon pepper powder and 11 teaspoons of powdered camphor.
  2. Mix and mash all the ingredients are.
  3. Apply on armpits. Not only repellent odor, but also as an anti-sweat.

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