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Vespa World Days 2011 Held in the City of Gjovik

Senin, 04 Juli 2011

Vespa scooter lovers from around the world gathered at the event "2011 Vespa World Days" held during the week in the City of Gjovik is a city in northern Oslo, Norway, reported by "Twowheelsblog".

For registration is still open, so make the "Vespisti" of 120 clubs representing 20 countries around the world to enliven the event.

Events Vespa Trophy Race was held this year, where it is smart business initiatives that allow the owners of the Vespa must collect a lot of photos and stamps of Vespa dealers across the plains of Europe. Vespa Race Trophy event has attracted the interest of participants, so this year a similar event again impromptu.

Vespa Trophy Race involving 2000 Vespa dealers across Europe. Each member of the Vespa Club can participate with the goal of every club to arrive in Gjovik on 19 May, by passing a lot of "Piaggio Check Points".

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