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Babysitter VS Day Care (Plus - Minus)

Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

Generally, there is nothing safer than a baby left on a grandmother, sibling or close relative when you have to work outside the home. Because, usually with the people closest to you have a trust, bonding and closeness also makes the child feel more comfortable. However, what if you are in an unfavorable situation. Either babysitter or day care. Here's plus-minus child-care leave at the babysitters and day care.


  • Parents can set rules of what may and may not be the babysitter, in accordance with the value to be developed.
  • Children can keep playing and moving in the same space and comfort, even a house.
  • Children receive special attention, because the babysitter had full concentration on only one child.

  • Children will sink to the same routine.
  • Children will only be friends with her babysitter course. Risk children "sticky" with a great babysitter.
  • Although it has been trained by the foundation, the supervision is not done directly by the manager of the foundation of the babysitter. If the foundation is only a distributor and does not provide parenting skills training and caring for children, the babysitter service standards are not guaranteed.


  • The staff have a basic education of children and pediatrics are supervised directly by the daycare manager.
  • Program in daycare is designed according to the development of infants and toddlers. For the toddler, child care agencies will implement the curriculum of early childhood education (early childhood).
  • Children will have activities and play a variety of tools and space to play (both within and outside the space) is relatively larger when compared to their room at home.
  • Children will get acquainted with the new atmosphere, new people and meet / know kids his age. Children to adapt skills honed early on.
  • Because the staff on duty to take care and child care is not just one, then the child will not stick with the caregiver.

  • Children at risk of contracting the disease more easily than other children.
  • Children must share a nanny with a child's attention. Because the daycare, nanny must deal with several children.
  • Parents must pick up the kids before the daycare closed. Day care is generally closed in the afternoon, according to the home office of his father and mother.

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