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Google +, Facebook's Rival

Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

Google Plus (Google +) is a new social network launched by internet giant, Google. Of course this is done to erode the dominance of Facebook, which is victorious in the social networking world in recent years. Google's real plus is the umpteenth attempt to counter facebook google after trying to spawn wave google, google buzz and orgut but it seems futile because the response of internet users are minimal and still seems to be more loyal to use facebook instead of the google products. Well how about these google plus?

"We want to improve the experience of sharing on the Internet before," said Google senior engineer, Vic Gundotra, as quoted by the Bangkok Post, Wednesday, June 29, 2011.

Google plus is similar to Facebook. The users can write at Google Plus status, upload photos and links, as is commonly done on Facebook. The difference, according to Gundotra, Google Plus (Google +) can separate the members on its website with groups. For example, working groups and groups of coworkers.

"Because not all of our relationships together. As our relationship with the boss definitely different from our relationship with our parents, "he said. Gundotra explained, Facebook a lot of criticism about the groups. Many of the status of users who do not want to be seen by someone in their network. But now Google Plus already provides these features.

Therefore, he continued, Google broke it by making Google Plus (Google +) that allows users to separate the members in its network in different groups according to their individual interests.

Plus the launch of Google (Google +) is a betting Google to get into social networking battle. New York Times wrote Google + seems late entry into this arena.

According datacomScore, in May this year, as many as 180 million people visited Google sites including YouTube. This figure is larger than Facebook, which were visited 157.2 million people. However, the Facebooker on average spend 375 minutes. As for Google visitors only spend 231 minutes.

Well, how continuation Google Plus (Google +) in the competitive world of social networking? It is worth the wait!

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