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All About Anorexia

Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

What is Anorexia?
Anorexia nervosa is a disease that usually occurs in young women, but may also occur in teenage boys and adult men and women. People with anorexia, they are obsessed with being thin. They are trying to lose a lot of their weight and the fear of increasing their weight. They believe they are fat even though they are very thin. Anorexia is not just a problem with food or weight. Anorexia is an attempt to use food and weight loss to solve problems related to emotional.

Difference of Anorexia with Bulmia


People with anorexia forcing themselves to suffer from hunger, avoiding high-calorie foods and exercising constantly.


People with bulimia eat huge amounts, but they immediately regurgitate their food immediately after eating, or taking laxatives or diuretics (drugs expedite the urine so that people who consume them will urinate frequently) to keep their weight. People with bulimia do not usually lose as much weight in patients with anorexia.

Why do people suffer from anorexia?

Not yet known why some people develop anorexia. People with anorexia may believe they will be happier and more success they achieve if they were thin. They want perfection in all things or aspects of their lives. People who have a mess like this is usually a good student. They are involved in various school and community activities. They blame themselves if they do not get a perfect score, or if other things in life are not perfect.

Causes of anorexia
  • Cultural pressure to look slim and beautiful body.
  • Psychological problems such as lack of confidence, failure, depression, need for control, physical or sexual violence, etc..
  • Family environment such as squabbles between family members, irregularity in cooking or serving food, etc..
  • Genetic factors.
  • Life transition such as early adolescence, a breakup, failure at school or at work, death of significant others, etc..

Problems arising due to anorexia

In women with anorexia usually stop having menstrual periods. People with anorexia have dry skin and scalp hair is not dense / rare because of losing. They may be normal hair growth in all parts of the body. They may feel cold all the time (sensitivity to cold temperatures) and they may get sick often. People with anorexia are often in an uneasy feeling (bad mood). They have a hard time concentrating and are always thinking about food.

It is not true that anorexics are never hungry. Actually, they always feel hungry. Feeling hunger gives them a sense of control over the body and life. It makes them feel like they are good at something, they are good for losing weight. People with severe anorexia may be at high risk of death from starvation.

Danger signs of anorexia

* Deliberately forcing themselves to hungry to lose weight.
* Fear if their weight increases.
* Refusing to eat.
* Denying if they are hungry.
* Exercise everyday.
* The number of the more hair on the body or face.
* Sensitive to weather / cold temperatures.
* Not having menstrual periods / absence.
* Loss or hair loss on the head.
* The perception or perspective of ourselves who think * they are fat when in fact themselves too thin.
* Do not want to maintain weight at a normal level or slightly above normal
* The fear that the weight will go up
* Assumes ideal weight already
* do not menstruate.

The most common way to treat anorexia

Working with the idea that food and food-based treatments. One ofthe main goals is to know exactly what your relationship is to eat, and the doctor will ask you to carefully consider how you feel about food, even on a diet to keep your registry.

  • Another type of therapy will change the use of rewards and sanctions in the habit of self-starvation. After the doctor's recommendations will be rewarded with lower prices.
  • Another type of therapy the patient is placed in social life, her feelings for analysis factorsresult loss of appetite, there is something that causes self-esteem, which then anorexia.

Natural Medicine
  • 2-3 Consumption of fresh citrus fruit, one of which is consumed after lunch.
  • Take 1 cup water and boil 2-3 cloves of garlic in it. Strain and add lemon extract and consume twice daily for 7 days.
  • Apples may help stimulate the flow of pepsin, an enzyme of protein digestion in the stomach.
  • Boil 3-4 cloves of garlic into a glass of water. Then add extract 1 / 2 orange juice and drink twice a day.
  • At 5 gm ginger and rock salt lick along with once a day.
  • Herbs like chamomile, marjoram, hawthorn, myrrh, gentian, wormwood, hops, sage, thyme, lavender, tarragon, yarrow, and centaury very effective to treat anorexia.
  • Horseradish is also stimulating the appetite, so good for treating anorexia.

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