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Good Bra, Good Aroused

Minggu, 27 September 2009

Good Bra, Good Aroused

WHEN heard your couple groans and accompanied the breath up and down its sign that you "enjoy" her breasts, a sign that you have successfully escorted to orgasm. That said, when women in aroused or cold conditions, could nipples harden and change color.

To cover the crown of a woman who is super sensitive is required maintaining the special form of its beauty. Well, now there's a bra that can make the wearer feel more aroused. Wow!

Based on the summarized news from The Sun, there is a bra that detects temperature changes in a woman's body.

"When women are aroused and on top of orgasm, then her breasts were getting larger, followed by hardening of the nipple. Because that's needed to fit bra size," said one investor from Slovenia's company Lisca Lingerie.

"Based on changes in body shape in women, then her bra size had to change," said Designer Suzana Gorisek of Slovenia's company Lisca Lingerie.

One of the leading lingerie company representative was explained, that the foam on a bra designed by Lisca Slovenia's can larger or smaller breasts according to the conditions.

"Our bra is designed to automatically adjust the temperature changes a woman's breasts. And it can make more wearer aroused," he said.

Well, maybe you can help a couple find a bra with such material. Not only the struggle to make the event even hotter. However, he also could further stimulate the bra.

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