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The balance between sex and romance

Jumat, 11 September 2009

The balance between sex and romance

For a man, probably no big difference between romance and sex. Therefore, he rarely thought about it separately, because both are considered interrelated. But on the other hand, women really need sex and romance in itself. Therefore you as a man need to provide a separate time to balance between sex and romance with the aim to ensure that your relationship can work well. AskMen correspondent, James Griffin will give a guide how to balance sex and romance with your female partner.

Night romantic = date time
When you're tied in a relationship which has been running a while, some of the magic of love will begin to fade. When this happens, then the attempt to rediscover a sense of it, probably would be ranked at the top your priority list. If you have not been going out with your wife, it never hurts to bring back the love that is by spending the night with romance with her.

Date night is a time where you should focus on romance. The door is open, the roses are scattered and arranged a place in such a way that's convenient for you that she adored. On this night, show softness as when you two started dating for the first time. Women need this kind of charging on a regular basis.

Night gathered the women = Time for sex
Your wife must have had female friends, who may not so you notice. You certainly would not prevent him to go with her friends. Let him be with her friends. In fact, in the evening where he plans to go without you, you will have the opportunity to get a spontaneous sex.

Women really like if you do spontaneously and they really like when you take it so interesting and you can not let go of your hand from it. When he was home from the club women, take the opportunity to take a passionate sex. His mind was too full to listen to vent and aspirations of his friends, and seems to need an outlet from it all. So be prepared always.

Vacation = as a romantic time
Women are like a vacation. Fortunately, this world is full of entertainment. With the atmosphere and the right location, you can use to lie down with him. Vacation is the perfect time to refresh your relationship and restore the lost romance. Try to go skating. If you're a good skater, everything will go well. But even like unto you fail, you at least awkwardness made her laugh (and laugh is a way of enhancing the passion of the cheapest).

After a fight = Time for sex
When a fight in which both of you are upset, then the hormones in the body will flow faster and blood pressure will rise. Arguing with each other like this, need a release. Sex is the way great release. Sex is very well known as the best way to get the satisfaction and release the existing burden. But of course, you can not make up an argument to be having sex with a passion.

Wedding anniversary = romantic time
Wedding anniversary is the culmination of all that is romantic day. That day should be celebrated with a full day's date. On the day try to fulfill every wish. Moment like this is your chance to prove yourself if you can still make it so romantic and enchanted. Because it's so important today, so good record in your phone calendar not to miss it all. Make a date in this day the most special moments. Do not confuse this opportunity, because it only comes once a year.

Placement sex
Relationship is the result of a compromise, and without any understanding between you two, then it will always lead to failure. The man was already of his genes to always put sex above all else. Women, on the other hand, saw physical activity like sex as part of a collection of a larger behavior and important as the existence of a bond or a close relationship. Balance the tendency of men in physical things with the need for a bond among women, is needed to maintain a relationship.

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