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Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

The print medium is a very powerful means of influencing people. It can create unity among people. It can also divide people. It can create fear and it can bring joy to the people. Newspapers have to be independent to provide accurate news. Some countries have a “Censorship Board”. This Board can decide what news should not be printed but other countries have a free press where they are able o write stories about any event. But the press has a very great responsibility because most people believe in the printed word.
Communication from the mass media is mass - produce. Thousands of copies of the same newspaper are printed. They are distributed throughout country in a few hours. They are bought and read by thousands of people. Thus events which happened in remote places are communicated to all parts of the country in a day. There are international agencies that collect news from all parts of the world. These items of news they use in their paper. U.P. (United Press) and Reuters are two of the global press agencies.
Mass – media communications are usually one way communications. That is people can read the description of events written by journalists somewhere far away. But they can not ask them for explanations or criticize their opinions directly. They can write letters to the press some of them may be printed or explanation given but not all letters can be answered.

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