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Jumat, 22 Mei 2009

This story describe one of many experiences that affected Lucretia Coffin Mott in a lifetime of struggle.
In 1840 Lucretia Coffin Mott made a voyage from America to England. She went to London to attend the first World’s Anti-Slavery Conversation in London. Lucretia had been elected a delegate by the American Anti Slavery Society.

Before the meeting everyone thought of all kinds a reason to defend slavery. “We need the slaves to harvest the cotton and other product on farms and plantations,” said the slave owners. "It gives the Negroes something to do. They can not do anything else,” others would say. “You can not own someone just because the person’s skin black,” Lucretia argued. But few listened.

At the meeting they were surprised to find that a special place behind a curtain was set aside just for women. Women were not supposed to speak at meetings because it was thought to be “unladylike”. They were not allowed to do a lot of things that men could do. And p course, they couldn’t vote in elections.

Lucretia whispered. “I can not believe this! We have come three thousand miles across the ocean. And we might not get to be part o this meeting! Just because we are women! It is not fair,” she moaned.

“The young woman, next to her, named Elizabeth, agree with her. The men argued and argued until we time to vote. When the vots were counted, the woman had lost.

“This is a terrible day,” Lucretia whispered to Elizabeth, “We came here to fight against slavery of a people-just because their skin are black. The convention has just vote against reedom for half of all humanity.”

“I think,” said Lucretia to Elizabeth, “That we should begin to fight for our own right. I can tell by what happened today that no one is going to do it for is.”

“Yes,” said Elizabeth, “But hoe can we get them to hear us?”
“I think that we must have our own conversation on anti-slavery! What a wonderful idea,” Elizabeth beamed.

Eight years passed before Lucretia and Elizabeth met at another convention. This time to fight for their own rights. They meet at the first Woman’s Right Convention in New York. This was the beginning of the Woman’s right in America.

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