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Rabu, 27 Mei 2009

Grebeg (jostle each other) is a ceremony to guard the important person like the King or Princess. Sri Sultan from Yogyakarta and Sri Sunan from Surakarta (Solo) go to Sitinggil and guarded with each warrior to give a certain adoration to the King of the King.

The history of Grebeg Sekaten come from Wali Songo (sunan) especially Sunan Kali Jogo. It is one way to introduce Islam Religion to Indonesian people. Inancient time culture and art is very important. So Wali sogo made Grebeg Sekaten to showed to the people if just one God in this world. Allah SWT.

Grebeg is hold 3 times in a year in Yogyakarta and Surakarta (solo) palace. They are in the birth of Muhammad SAW (Grebeg Maulud in 12 Maulud), Idul Fitri holiday at 1 Syawal after the Moslem people fasting for a mount and Idul Adha holiday / Hari Raya Kurban (Grebeg Besar) in 10 Dzulhijah.

Grebeg Maulud is a party that is hold to commutate the birth day of Muhammad SAW at 12 Rabi’ul Awal. There are any 3 kind of celebrations. Sekaten (Pasar Malan / Night Market), Sekaten ceremony at 5th till 11th Maulud and Grebeg Maulud at 12 Maulud.

Sekaten ceremony is night market that is begun at 1st and 2nd week before the Sekaten Traditional Ceremony is hold. It held in Alun-Alun Utara. There are any game, traditional food and band show.

Usually the citizen make traditional foods and formed like a mountain. It is called Gunungan. There are 3 couple of Gunungan. The women and the man.

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