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Senin, 08 September 2008

Do you want have pure and soft skin?,,, ehmmm that’s not difficult thing. Furthermore in this modern times. Any skin care around us that can we found easily in many beautiful room. Modern teknologi give something new in beautiful world include skin care, begin of giving serum till laser teknologi. And it give maximum product in a view time.
But, now traditional skin care like lulur, have someplace in their fans heart. And it never lost in this modern life stile. Lulur is have known for along time ago, and now we know lulur as Body Scrub. We usually use lulur by take it in our skin.
And we just waiting until this lulur is dank. And than we have to scrape by our hands until all scrub fallen. Lulur cam cleanse our body from dirty, open all our pore so they can breath, u can do it twice or third in one month. I’m sure you will get maximum effect. Herbal lulur can stave off you from negative pollution effect, AC and stress that cam make our skin dry, black spot, even can send wizened. Before you use lulur u must make sure no injury in your skin.
Till now, well-nigh all of lulur use nature season like spice. Usually each beautiful center have their specific spice for their lulur. For example Teratai Spa, they use peculiar spice from Boreh Bali.
Boreh spice is original spice that is used by ancient people from Bali till now. Nevertheless lulur is just traditional skin care, mastery of beautiful again and again try to find new innovation to get the kind of newest of lulur.

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