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Sabtu, 20 September 2008 myspace graphic comments
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Be a Power Girl..
Hello girls every where you are, this is show time, show our power. Basicly each girls have a chance to change her life with her power, her pretentious and her confidence. Yeah,,,, the power to get our happiness and our freedom in our hands. So why we have to afraid to dream? Show to the world that we are strong women. And now I want to talk to you 5 steps to help you more focus to get your dream.
  • Study
Don’t stop to study. Every where, every time are knowledge. Take free and enhancement our paradigma are the first step to get our confidence. So study every thing that you can do. We must know that study is haven’t to in formal forum. We can improve our knowledge by reading book, joint in book’s club or searching and browsing internet are one of way to ground our brain. Remember it “A Smart Girl is A Power Girl”. myspace graphic comments
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  • Stand Alone
Do you remember when did you go outside without phone? Ever you eat in restaurant alone? Make yourself safety with this condition, and make sure that you have enough power to face some conditions alone. Have a boy friend is not reasons to stop do anything that we want. Build your confidence and do news thing in your life.
  • Traveling
Traveling will make you show different conditions and it will give you new ideas. Each trips will give you chance to learn something new. Not only about this (locations where you traveling) culture but also our self. Firstly, may be traveling give scream thing in our head, but by traveling we can meet something new from exceptional thing there.
  • Giving
When you help someone else, this means you help your self. Give anything that we can do to our surrounded and you will get their requital in different way. Giving is not only in big thing. Say good morning and ground kinship are one of this example. Open your heart for someone else and they will do the same thing.
  • Big dreams
Don’t afraid to dreaming, because no overdream and never to get. The power girl know, they can get anything that they want. If you sure about your dream, you have sure you can get it. But you have to try harder to get it. And believe you can do that.
I think that’s enough girl….
May be in other day I will give you something new.
Ok guys see you soon…… myspace graphic comments
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