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Beautiful Hair

Jumat, 26 September 2008

Get Beautiful Hair Without Chemical Substance

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Everyone want look beautiful and fresh every where, every time. And one of the way we must keep our hair to settled it’s reflected shine, vitality, and healthy. But we must choose the save way to take care our hair. And its not always need much money. We can take care of our hair with traditional and easy way, and we can do it alone, we haven’t to go to console. And u just need 45 minutes to get healthy hair in your spare time. But I suggest to you, be space and continoesly is prefer.
And now I want to talk you all about hair remedies steps.
Wash our hair before getting treatments, after that prepare hair remedies cream that usually you use.
  • Cream that you choose must appropriate with your needed and the advantages that you want, after that spread it to all your hair part beginning lower until upper ends.
  • Beside that get a massage in all part of your head, in order that the cream can penetrate into your hair easily.
  • After that, steam your hair as long as 10 minutes in order that our head’s pore can be open and the cream can penetrate more easily.
  • Wash your hair again
  • And drying your hair with hairdryer or warm towel
  • Give hair tonic or vitamin in order that our hair more shiny and healthy
Now I want talk to you bout the kind of nature creams
  • Coconut oil
It’s used for dry hair to make more damp.
  • Egg
It’s used to make our hair more fertile and healty
  • Orange and chamomile
To make our hair free from dandruff
  • Orang-aring
A traditional plant in Indonesia that can make our hair look black-shine

Animated Pictures Myspace Comments

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